Save $5 On Rose’s Giant 10-foot Bible Time Line

Save $5 On Rose’s Giant 10-foot Bible Time Line

Giant Timeline Sale

Save $5 on Rose Publishing’s Giant 10-foot Bible Time Line for this week only. Packed with pictures and fascinating facts, this bestselling timeline tells Bible history in a way few other teaching aids can—showing over 2,000 years of history in a single glance. It’s perfect to put on the wall in your Sunday School classroom, kid’s room, home, or office. Hurry! Save 33% on this amazing resource for this week only. Shop Now to Save $5

SAVE $5 On Giant 10-ft Classroom Bible Time Line
“Excellent learning tool for the classroom! Kids love the pictures which makes them ask a lot of questions.” —Mary Ellen Goldstein, Rose Customer Review

“I purchased this for our Sunday school hallway, and it is awesome! The kids really enjoy looking at it, and I enjoy taking my kids on a “field trip” to find the people we are studying. Simple yet effective. Exactly what we were looking for. Thanks!” —Sarah, Rose Customer Review

This is one of our top-selling teaching tools for both kids and adults! Here’s why—

  • Covers over 140 key people and events, from Creation through Jesus and the Apostle Paul.
  • Includes the ruling years of kings, prophets, dates of battles, and events.
  • Features large colorful illustrations that make it easy to identify the various periods in biblical history.
  • Uses large print and large pictures that can be seen from far away.
  • Shows Old and New Testament people in the order they appeared in history, and events in the order they occurred. Helps students get the “big picture” of the Bible.

Comes in an 8.5″ x 11″ envelope; Unfolds to 10′ x 11″. Easy to put together in four panels.

“Classrooms need to have visuals for our visual learners! This timeline does just that, helps teachers teach their lessons, creates discussion amongst the class and inspires us as we look at what has happened before us!” —Patty, review

SAVE $5 On Giant 10-ft Classroom Bible Timeline

The timeline covers the following time periods:

  • The Beginnings (Creation, Fall of Man, Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood)
  • Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)
  • Sojourn in Egypt (Joseph and his brother)
  • Moses and the Exodus (Parting of the Red Sea, 10 Commandments, and Tabernacle)
  • The Conquest and the Judges (Deborah, Gideon, Samson, and more)
  • United Kingdom (King Saul, King David, King Solomon, Temple)
  • Divided Kingdom (Jonah, Daniel and the lion dens, etc)
  • Rebuilding Jerusalem and Temple
  • New Testament (Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection, Apostle Paul, and New Church)

“This was just the thing I was looking for to teach my junior age children. We’re taking a journey through the Bible and they’re very interested in seeing how it all fits together. It’s big enough to see easily and the illustrations are colorful and interesting.” Review on

Hurry! Get this amazing full-color timeline for just $9.99 (reg. $14.99) For This Week Only! Don’t wait! Stock up now to save now!

Giant Timeline Sale



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