NEW Hebrews Pamphlet Sale – Save 33% For 4 Days Only!

NEW Hebrews Pamphlet Sale – Save 33% For 4 Days Only!

NEW Hebrews Pamphlet
For 4 Days Only! Save 33% on Rose’s NEW Hebrews Pamphlet —just $2.67 (reg. 3.99). Enjoy having a fantastic overview on the entire book of Hebrews at your fingertips! Hurry! Order it today and save 33%!
You (and those you teach) already know that standing firm in your faith is important. But, it’s often easier said than done—and many wonder, How? How can I continuously press on? and How can I encourage others to stand firm in their faith without sounding insensitive or cliché?
The book of Hebrews answers these very questions! See how the early church withstood intense persecution and be encouraged by 15 heroes of our faith (such as Noah, Abraham, and Moses) who showed incredible faith when faced with impossible circumstances! Enjoy having section-by-section commentary, comparison charts, and life-application questions that highlight Jesus’ power and authority over all things! Perfect for individual use and group Bible studies.

Enjoy having a clear overview of Hebrews!


    • Highlights the 15 Heroes of Faith from Hebrews 11, including Noah, Abraham, Gideon, Rahab, and more!


    • Shares 11 practical ways to stand firm in your faith and live a Christian life. Includes thought-provoking questions perfect for personal reflection or group discussions.


  • Features 5 quick-reference charts comparing Jesus to Moses, Old Testament Priests, Old Testament Sacrifices, Melchizedek, and more!



“It’s concise and covers a great deal of information. It not only provides a good overview of the book of Hebrews, but it also provides some background history and comparative charts. This is a good study that can be used for personal study, group study, and sermon-prep. It’s well-written and easy to follow.”— Randy Brown, founder and blogger for Bible Buying Guide

Now through Monday, save 33%! Get Rose’s NEW Hebrews Pamphlet For Just $2.67 (Reg. $3.99). Perfect for individual use or small group Bible studies. Pre-order them now while they’re still in stock.

FREE eChart: Book of Hebrews


Send this printable PDF to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
From Noah who built the ark (when it wasn’t raining!) to Abraham was willing to offer his son as a sacrifice, see the incredible lives of 15 heroes of faith at a glance with this week’s FREE eChart! These individuals were not perfect, but they put their trust in a perfect God. Get a brief explanation on each of the “heroes” listed in Hebrews 11 along with key Bible verses. Plus, find out more about the book of Hebrews, including who it was written to and why!
This week’s FREE eChart is just 2 pages from Rose’s NEW Hebrews pamphlet—a quick-reference pamphlet that gives a clear overview of the entire book of Hebrews. It includes simple summaries, comparison charts, and more! Order it today and save 33%!
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from is appreciated!

Save 33% on Hebrews Pamphlet for 4 Days Only!



Hebrews Pamphlet

Hebrews Pamphlet
Find out how to persevere, remain faithful, and live a life that glorifies God with this incredible in-depth Bible study on Hebrews. See how the early church withstood intense persecution and experience the peace that comes from recognizing Christ as our perfect High Priest. Includes section-by-section commentary, quick-reference charts, and simple summaries!
Hebrews was written during a time of intense persecution against Christians in the Roman Empire. During that time, believers needed encouragement to follow Christ—just as we do today. By showing Jesus’ superiority to the Old Covenant, the letter encourages believers (then and now) to be faithful to Jesus even during tough times!
Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, Sunday School, etc. Use it as a stand-alone study or use it to add depth to any Bible study.





Hurry! Get Rose’s NEW Hebrews Pamphlet for Just $2.67 when you order today. Stock up now and save 33%

Includes a Fantastic Overview of the Book of Hebrews!

Enjoy having clear overview of Hebrews that explains key information in an easy-to-understand way. Now you can quickly grasp—



  • Key Concepts, such as Christ as our Perfect High Priest, Christ as our atoning sacrifice, and more!

Features Simple Summaries Highlighting the Greatness, Power, and Authority of Christ!

Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament promises, practices, and prophecy. In him, we have a better hope, a better covenant, a better sanctuary, and a better inheritance. With this Hebrews Bible study, get incredible commentary and insight into Jesus’ superiority over:

“This is an excellent, concise and insightful presentation of how Jesus the Messiah fulfilled the Older Covenant teaching and promise made to His people Israel.” —Wayne Newcomb, Retired Pastor, Church Leader, and Team Rose Representative

Includes 5 Comparison Charts Showing Tons of Information!

The book of Hebrews uses contrasts and comparisons to highlight the superiority of Christ. Easily grasp these key comparisons and lessons with this pamphlet’s incredible comparison charts. Enjoy quick-reference charts packed with scripture that compare:

  1. Moses the Faithful Servant Compared to Jesus the Faithful Son
  2. Human High Priests Compared to Jesus the Perfect High Priest
  3. Melchizedek compared to Christ
  4. Old Covenant Animal Sacrifices Compared to Jesus’ New Covenant Sacrifice
  5. Heroes of Faith—including Abel, Enoch, Noah, Jacob, Joseph, David, Samuel, and more!

Don’t Wait! For 4 Days Only! Save 33% on the NEW Hebrews Pamphlet— Just $2.67 when you buy 10 or more. Hurry, offer good through 7/14/2014 and while supplies last!

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