Announcing Our NEW Author Dr. Norman Wright!

New Author Norm Wright
Joining the likes of Joni Eareckson Tada, June Hunt, Timothy Paul Jones, Sam Nadler, and Michelle Borquez is our brand new author Dr. H. Norman Wright! Welcome to the Rose/Aspire team! Dr. Norm Wright is a grief and trauma therapist and a licensed marriage, family and child therapist. He has been on the faculty of Biola University and Talbot School of Theology in Southern California, where he has taught graduate students in counseling and psychology for four decades. He has authored more than 80 books including Experiencing Grief and Recovering from the Losses in Life. Norm and his wife, Tess, live in Bakersfield, California where they enjoy several grandchildren.

These NEW titles include:

  • Helping Your Hurting Teen
  • Overcoming Fear and Worry
  • Recovering From the Loss of a Love
  • How to See Yourself Through God’s Eyes

NEW Norm Wright Titles

Helping Your Hurting Teen

Is your teen withdrawing, acting unusual, sullen or distracted?
Do you feel like you just don’t know you child anymore? Are you afraid it’s more than just a stage? Learn which responses are “normal” adolescent behaviors, and which ones indicate deeper issues related to loss or trauma.
Expert Dr. Norm Wright gives insight on how to reconnect with your child, understand their struggle, and never lose hope.
• Learn how to help your teen through common responses of fear, guilt, anger and depression
• Identify and support 11 ways your teen creates her own identity
• Find out how to identify 7 kinds of loss
• Discover 11 important ways to help grieving teens
• Learn what to say (and not say) at a time of loss or death

Overcoming Fear and Worry

When anxiety robs your sleep, when worry saps your energy, and when fear captivates your thoughts, it is easy to feel helpless. But you do not have to remain a prisoner of fear, anxiety, or stress any longer.
Dr. Norm Wright helps you combat negative thought patterns with the Word of God and gives you practical ways to develop resilience in the face of trials through positive self-talk.
• Learn the difference between helpful and unhelpful fear
• Find out the true causes of fear and worry and how to overcome them
• Learn practical ways to break patterns and habits of anxiety and worry
• Discover your source of peace, security, and freedom

Recovering From The Loss Of A Love

It feels like the deepest hurt in the world, and you don’t how you can ever move on. People tell you that “time heals all wounds,” but that doesn’t help with the pain you feel right now.
How do you cope when someone you love walks away from you? Whether it is the agony of unrequited love or the loss through a breakup, this booklet helps you move through the stages of grief and loss, and guides you toward wholeness and hope.
Author Norm Wright compassionately and practically helps you work through the feeling of loss, grief, and rejection—showing you how to resist blaming God, how to make sense of it all, and how to finally move forward.
• Discover how to work through the emotions grief and loss cause.
• Find out the factors that make certain losses more difficult
• Learn the 5 Steps to Letting Go and the 10 Tips for Moving Forward
• Take a step forward by evaluating: Am I stuck?

How to See Yourself Through God’s Eyes

When we know who we are in God’s eyes—and truly sense his love for us—our confidence won’t allow the ups and downs of life destroy our self-worth. Releasing our dependence on having the right job, the right possessions, and hanging out with the right people will bring us a deeper sense of peace and satisfaction that no disappointment can take away.
Dr. Wright gives advice on
• Dealing with mid-life crisis (both men and women)
• Finding our identity in Christ rather than what others think
• Dealing with negative messages from the past
• How to focus on the 11 ways God blesses you
• Six keys that will positively change your relationship with others



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