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You (and those you teach) already know God is good, so, the question is not if God is good, but how can I remember his goodness? How can I focus on him even when problems come and when life doesn’t turn out the way I hoped?
The Book of Ruth answers these very questions! Find out what the book of Ruth reveals about God’s powerful guidance in the midst of trails, his faithfulness during times of uncertainty, and his desire to redeem your past and give you a hope-filled future.
This all-inclusive study on the Book of Ruth features section-by-section commentary packed with practical insight that will deepen your understanding of what it means to be redeemed by Christ. Find out what the lives of Boaz, Naomi, and Ruth show about getting rid of bitterness, remaining faithful during trials, and witnessing to others by the way we act! Perfect for small groups or personal use!

Find out —

    • The historical and cultural background of the book of Ruth— including how politics, money, and geography affected each character. Why did Naomi’s husband move to Moab (the cursed enemy of Israel)? Why did Ruth ask Boaz to cover her with his garment? and more.



    • Key insights into God’s faithfulness. Be encouraged as you see how God chose Ruth, a destitute foreigner, to be an ancestor of Jesus and how he transformed Naomi’s bitterness into joy.


  • Life-application/discussion questions that will transform how you see yourself as God’s REDEEMED and will encourage you (and your students) to live your life as a walking testimony of God’s grace.

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Features fascinating facts, including—

    • Naomi had a social status lower than a slave once her husband and sons died.


    • Ruth took home more than 10 times the average salary of harvesters when she worked for Boaz.


    • Both Boaz and Ruth are praised for showing “Hesed,” a type of love that suggests taking loyalty, commitment, and compassion a step beyond what is simply required.


  • When Ruth asked Boaz to “spread the corner of [his] garment” over her, she is asking him to make a symbolic gesture for marriage. (Find out how this particular act relates to our covenant in Christ.)


“The story of Ruth takes on new meaning as Dr. Sam Nadler teaches on not only the faithfulness of Ruth, but on the redemptive power of God. Nadler equates the book of Ruth to a pre-shadowing of the plan of salvation. I saw the book of Ruth in a whole new light.”—Ann Sanger, Bible Teacher and Rose Blogger


“This new DVD study on the book of Ruth is just what you need to understand the precious truths of redemption and our Redeemer Jesus in an often overlooked book of the Old Testament. Dr. Sam Nadler does a superb job walking you through each of the main characters, major themes and life-changing applications found throughout all four wonderful chapters of Ruth.”—Paul Dare, teacher and elder at Plymouth Baptist Church, MI

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Session Overview—

  • Session 1: Light in the Darkness— Covers the major events, themes, and lessons of the Book of Ruth
  • Session 2: Naomi’s Faithlessness— Shows how to walk by faith, not by sight
  • Session 3: Ruth’s Faithfulness— Explains how to live out your faith in a practical way
  • Session 4: Surprising Grace— Reminds us that God’s grace is sufficient for our lives
  • Session 5: The Law of Love—Emphasizes how God loves us and how to love others
  • Session 6: Redemption— Reveals how Boaz points to our ultimate redeemer Jesus!

Ruth DVD Sale

Anyone Can Lead This All-Inclusive DVD Bible Study! Each Ready-to-use Kit Includes—

  • A DVD with 6 sessions
  • Leader Guide (Printed and PDF)
  • Participant Guide (Printed)‐ includes session outlines, discussion/application questions, etc.
  • 250-page book: Book of Ruth: Hope Fulfilled in the Redeemer’s Grace by Sam Nadler
  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint®
  • Quick-reference pamphlet on the Book of Ruth
  • Banners/Promotional Flyers (PDF)

Each Participant Guide Includes—

  • Session outlines, discussion questions, key Bible verses, and a viewer’s guide that explains what to know, read, memorize, and apply to your life!
  • Quick reference charts that shows tons of information at a glance— such as how Boaz pre-figures Christ
  • Map of the Holy Land during the time of Ruth
  • Diagram of the Cycle of Judges (Helpful way to understand the historical context of Ruth)
  • And more!

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