June PowerPoint® Blowout Sale!

PowerPoint® Blowout Sale!
This Week Only! Save 50% on these top-selling PowerPoint® presentations! These full-color presentations are ready-to-use, easy-to-read, and packed with pictures! They’re a great way to add depth to any Old or New Testament Bible Study. HURRY! At this low price, these presentations go quick and we will sell out. ORDER NOW to save $19.99 while supplies still last.

“I find Rose PowerPoint® presentations to be true to the Word of God, very accurate, informative, and easy to understand…They are truly outstanding. Keep up the good work!”— Norm Wood, Adult Bible Teacher, First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA

SAVE $19.99 on these popular PowerPoints® and Downloads—This Week Only! Get them while they’re still in stock!

Spiritual Gifts PowerPoint® (includes a self-test)

Spiritual Gifts PowerPoint®
How can you help others know and use their spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ?
The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to Christians to help encourage and build up the Church. Yet, a large number of Christians (over 60%) do not know, use, or recognize their spiritual gifts.
This ready-to-use PowerPoint® includes a printable spiritual gifts test to help you (and those you teach) find out your spiritual gifts and learn how to grow in them. Packed with stunning graphics, charts, and simple summaries, this NEW PowerPoint® presentation provides a basic overview on each spiritual gift, including teaching, serving, mercy, faith, and more!
With this Ready-to-Use Spiritual Gifts PowerPoint®, you will find out—


    • The meaning and purpose of each spiritual gift! Covers all 4 lists of the Spiritual Gifts in the Bible from Ephesians, Romans, and 1 Corinthians.


    • Who the Holy Spirit is and the 8 key ways the Spirit impacts our lives through conviction, guidance, empowerment, and more!


  • 6 keys to learning how to serve God as a member of Christ’s body.

Perfect for small groups; new believers’ classes; and Adult Sunday School. Includes printable worksheets, handouts, and Spiritual Gifts Test.
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Book of Ruth PowerPoint®

Book of Ruth PowerPoint®
Is life not turning out the way you had hoped? Are those you teach discouraged by life’s disappointments?
Experience the joy and peace that comes from deepening your understanding of what it means to have Jesus Christ as your Redeemer with this ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation! Be encouraged as you see how God redeemed the life of Ruth, who went from a childless widow destitute in a foreign land to an honored wife and mother. Find out how Boaz (Ruth’s kinsmen-redeemer) points to our ultimate Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who promises to redeem your past and give you a hope-filled future!
Get a close-up look at the book of Ruth and its modern-day significance with the NEW! Ruth PowerPoint®.


    • Features fascinating facts, such as: Ruth took home more than 10 times the average salary of harvesters when she worked in Boaz’s field.


  • Covers key cultural customs and how they relate to believers today! (For example, when Ruth asked Boaz to spread the corner of his garment over her, she is asking him to make a symbolic gesture for marriage. Discover how this particular act relates to our redemption and covenant with Christ.)

Features over 100 ready-to-use slides, a map, time line, simple overviews, and more!

Perfect for small groups; men and women Bible studies, new believers’ classes; and Adult Sunday School. Includes printable worksheets and handouts.
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Twelve Disciples PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Twelve Disciples PowerPoint®
From Peter who was impulsive to John who was vengeful, the twelve disciples were twelve ordinary men— men who had their strengths and weaknesses. Get a clearer picture of each of the 12 disciples with this ready-to-use presentation. Packed with 100 colorful pictures, full-color maps, and over 200 slides, this presentation is perfect as a stand alone study or as background information for any New Testament Bible study.
Easily discover more about each disciple, including—

    • His Background: the meaning of his name, key events in his life (before and after Jesus), and his personal encounter with Jesus.



  • His Ministry: His purpose, mission, and the key lessons we can learn from his life today. Also, includes 4 key truths about what it means to be Jesus’ disciple today.

Perfect for small groups; men and women Bible studies, new believers’ classes; and Adult Sunday School. Includes printable worksheets and handouts.
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Names of God PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Names of God PowerPoint®
This ready-to-use PowerPoint® features 21 names of God found throughout the Old Testament and explains their meaning. Whether you’re in the midst of a storm or whether you’re enjoying a time of prosperity, knowing who God is will enrich your time of worship and deepen your Bible study. Each of God’s 21 names is explained along with its meaning, application, Bible reference, and pronunciation/comments. It also includes a personal reflection section, showing how to apply each name to our lives today! Great for personal or group study—and to give to a friend as a source of encouragement.
Each name of God holds an encouraging promise for those who believe in him:

  • Immanuel—God With US
  • Jehovah Rapha—The Lord Who Heals
  • El Roi—The God Who Sees Me
  • Jehovah-Jireh—The Lord Will Provide

Bonus feature: In addition to the 200-slide teaching presentation, the disk contains a beautiful devotional multimedia slide show that plays automatically (continuous-loop) making it perfect for worship services, devotions, and quiet meditations.

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Then and Now Bible Maps PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Then and Now Bible Maps PowerPoint®
Easily see where Bible places are located today with this ready-to-use, full-color PowerPoint® presentation!
Enjoy having easy-to-read, full-color maps that show the location of modern cities and countries in red. See where Queen Esther’s throne would be located today, where Daniel was held captive, where Jesus walked, and where Paul boldly preached the gospel.
Includes more than 60 slides, printable handouts, and dozens of maps that cover every major story within the Bible. This is a great way to add depth to any Old or New Testament study. It features dozens of maps, including:

    • The Middle East during Old Testament Times
      with modern-day overlays


    • The Holy Land during the Old and New Testament
      with modern-day overlays


It features icons that show key cities, mountains, archaeological sites, travel routes, and more!
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Life of David PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Life of David PowerPoint®
From a humble shepherd boy to king over Israel, David is one of the most beloved and memorable characters in the Bible. This ready-to-use PowerPoint® covers every major event within David’s life and provides fascinating historical and cultural insights that will help put his life, struggles, and triumphs into perspective.
Features Fantastic Visuals that Bring David’s Story to Life


    • 3 maps, including a map showing David’s major military campaigns.


    • Diagram of David’s family tree spanning several generations


  • Over 4 easy-to-follow charts which compare:
    • David to Goliath
    • David’s attitude to Saul’s attitude
    • Saul’s decline to David’s rise to power
    • David’s life to Jesus’ life

Features over 100 slides and gives incredible commentary on dozens of key events and people!

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PowerPoint® Blowout Sale!



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