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Acts is packed with history-changing events and over 24 dynamic speeches. Enjoy getting a simple overview of the entire Book of Acts with this incredible Bible study pamphlet. Find out the fascinating history of the early church, the inspiring stories of its leaders, and discover more about its world-changing mission movement powered by the Holy Spirit! Perfect for individual or group use.

Features simple summaries and fantastic visual aids, including:





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Acts Sale!
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Rating: 4 Stars

“…The information is solid and the presentation is beautiful. The author summarizes the book through brief summaries of the key characters presented in Acts…”— Steve Lucas, customer review on Amazon

Enjoy simple summaries, charts, a map, and other visual resources that make learning about the early church, early missionary work, and the initial move of the Holy Spirit easier than ever before. It’s perfect for adult Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, and small group curriculum.

Easily Cover Key Information:


    • Key events, such as the receiving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the stoning of Stephen, and Paul’s conversion.



    • Key beliefs, such as the 9 basic components of the Gospel, 12 identifying traits of Jesus Christ, and the 3 defining attributes of the Holy Spirit.


Acts Sale! 

Get Simple Summaries on Key Leaders of the Early Church, including:

  • Apostle Paul
  • Peter
  • Stephen
  • Barnabas
  • Silas
  • Theophilus and more!
“This is an excellent, detail and well organized pamphlet presenting God’s great plan for action. The parallels between Peter and Paul was wonderful, as presented by topic, scripture location, and speaker. Likewise, the outline on the community of God in Acts is very informative.” — Frederick Crumley, Team Rose Representative, Washington

Enjoy having visuals that show tons of information at a glance!

    • An outline of the entire book of Acts.
    • Time line of major events in the book of Acts.
    • A Map showing the spread of Christianity during the first century
    • Charts showing key information at a glance, covering—


    • Each of Peter’s main speeches.
    • Peter and Paul’s ministries and actions.
    • Each of Paul’s missionary journeys, including where he went, who he was traveling with, his route, and more.

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