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Tabernacle Pamphlet

Tabernacle Pamphlet
Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
This fantastic pamphlet is the #1 Tabernacle Bible Study resource on the market. It features an incredible cutaway picture that provides an inside look at the Tabernacle. Enjoy going step-by-step through the pattern of worship ( from the Tabernacle Courtyard into the Most Holy Place) as you learn about each part of the Tabernacle and how it points to Christ. Includes—



  • Incredible visual aids and charts, including—
    • Comparison chart of Aaron the High Priest with Jesus the Better High Priest
    • Time Line: The History of the Ark of the Covenant Timeline from 1450 BC to 500 BC
    • Diagram showing how the 12 Tribes of Israel camped around the Tabernacle

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Names of God Pamphlet

Names of God Pamphlet
Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Enjoy seeing all 21 names of God found throughout the Old Testament at a glance with this easy-to-read pamphlet. Each of God’s 21 names is listed along with its meaning, application, Bible reference, pronunciation, and additional insights. Features a personal reflection section , which gives practical ways to worship and meditate on God one name at a time! Great for personal reference, group study, an Easter giveaway, or to hand to a friend as a source of encouragement. Covers names, such as —

  • Immanuel—God With US
  • Jehovah Rapha—The Lord Who Heals
  • El Roi—The God Who Sees Me
  • Jehovah-Jireh—The Lord Will Provide

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Life of Moses Pamphlet

Life of Moses Pamphlet

“My earnest prayer is that you… may see in the action of Moses an example for yourselves.”—Charles Spurgeon

You may know Moses as the leader who parted the Red Sea and the prophet who received the 10 Commandments. But few realize Moses’ insecurities…his hidden fears and anxieties. Get to know the real Moses: the man who hated the limelight, feared public speaking, and doubted God’s call at first. This incredible Bible study pamphlet gives a close-up look at Moses’ life—covering every major event, the key insights we can learn from his example, and specific ways his life pointed to Christ.



  • Includes 3 helpful charts: one comparing Moses to Israel; one comparing Moses to Jesus; and one summarizing Moses’ instructions to the Israelites in Deuteronomy.

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Genesis Time Line (UPDATED VERSION)

Genesis Time Line
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Navigate through the Book of Genesis easily with this full-color time line and conveniently see the sequence/connection between key events at a glance. Fully-illustrated, detailed, and easy-to-read, Genesis Time Line is an essential resource for any Old Testament study. It covers key events and people, including Creation, the Fall of Man, the Flood (Noah), Tower of Babel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and more. Plus, it shares insight into the Patriarchs’ lives, such as the 7 covenant promises God made to Abram (Abraham).
Check out this pamphlet’s stunning visuals:

    • A fully-illustrated, detailed time line, covering key events from Creation through Joseph’s death. Features symbols, marking information as a promise, event, move, birth, and/or death.


    • 4 full-color maps: Middle East (Early Civilizations); Abram’s journeys into Canaan; Jacob’s journeys; and Joseph’s route from Canaan into Egypt.


  • 4 charts, including a family tree of Cain’s offspring; a chart of Noah’s family, a table of Nations (shows the location of key nations on a map), and a chart of the 12 sons of Israel and their children.

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Women of the Bible: Old Testament Pamphlet

Women of the Bible: Old Testament
Most genealogies (family trees) from the time of Jesus did not mention women. But Jesus’ family tree is unique—it mentions several women by name, including Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba. Learn the surprising backstory of these extraordinary women (and 5 other Old Testament women) in this incredible Bible study pamphlet. Each woman’s story holds valuable insight and encouragement for all believers—both men and women. Find out the historical, biblical, and modern-day relevance of 11 women from the Old Testament, including:

  • Sarah and Hagar
  • Tamar, Miriam, and Rahab
  • Deborah and Jael
  • Bathesheba
  • Naomi and Ruth
  • Esther

Uses a chart format to provide a simple overview of each woman’s story. Gives key Bible references, date, location of the story, 3-5 key life events and a brief explanation of each woman’s story. Plus, enjoy a life-application section, which gives practical insights on the modern-day relevance of each story!
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Answers to Evolution Pamphlet

Answers to Evolution
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Over 3 million viewers watched the Evolution-Creation Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham last week.
As a believer (and especially as a church leader), people may ask you to explain your view, what the Bible teaches, and the reasons for your beliefs. Enjoy having this handy pamphlet which exposes the flaws in the theory of Evolution—and shows how to clearly and logically point them out. Perfect for individual reference, small groups, and especially youth groups. Features full-color pictures, quotes from respected scientist, and a comprehensive list of references/resources.


    • Includes clear explanations on topics such as: selective breeding, microevolution vs. macroevolution, punctuated equilibrium, the Cambrian explosion, and more.


  • Answers key questions, such as:
    • Is Darwin’s theory of Evolution a fact?
    • What is the Big Bang Theory?
    • Does Natural Selection prove Evolution?
    • Does the fossil record support Darwin’s theory?
    • Does the punctuated equilibrium solve the problem of the “missing” link?
“You will not be disappointed when you crack open this great quick reference guide from Rose…The format is simple to follow and is laid out in 16 question and answers that delve into [key] topics…[it] would be especially helpful for young students going through the public or private school system where they are going to be given Darwinian evolution as the default with virtually no alternative explanation for creation.”— Paul Dare, customer review on Amazon

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