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At Rose we’re proud to share a testimony sent to us by reader John Tancock, from Swansea, Wales, UK.
On one of his regular trips to the Southern African nation of Zambia, John visited and taught at lectures and was able to hand out Rose books to influential church leaders. “These leaders will lead churches of 50 to 500. The level of influence they have and your books have is immense,” John writes.
John Tancock with church leaders in Zambia

John Tancock [far right] with church leaders in Zambia

Though Zambia is officially a Christian nation, with over 97% of the 2012 census claiming to be Christians, the spread of cults has been weighing heavily on the nation and its regions. “There is rapid growth of Islam in the capital so the [Rose Islam and Christianity pamphlet] was mainly distributed there. The JWs [Jehovah’s Witnesses] (a specialist area of mine) in Zambia have the largest percentage of any where in the world. The SDA [Seventh Day Adventists] are massive and are a predatory presence.”
Recently, John has had to turn down speaking to audiences of thousands to run seminars for 50 or 60 church leaders who could in turn, disseminate the information and materials on cults to their own networks because the “impact and influence is greater. Rose publications are not only useful and informational. They are beautiful. And have the feel of a gift not just ‘print.'”

Rose Bible Basics and pamphlets being distributed to church leaders in Zambia

Pastors, teachers, and leaders of Zambia being presented with Rose Bible Basics books and pamphlets

During John’s visit to Zambia, the books and pamphlets were distributed in Zambia in Chingola, Kitwe, Kabwe, and Lusaka, to be taken back to their respective ministries across each region. “The Kitwe leadership seminars of six one-hour sessions for three days were attended by about 80 leaders,” describes John, “the Kabwe, two days of five sessions a day, attended by about 50. The Lusaka leaders (50) in two groups lead larger churches. Some key members had literature too.”
When idols are lifted up, history has shown that our God will never be overcome by them; the same can be said for Zambia and the rise of cults. God sends his servants to be His hands and feet to reach those who are searching for Him and He will equip them with the faith and tools necessary for the journey. “The readability and illustrations in the Rose material is ‘just right’ for Zambia. The amount of anti-trinitarian cults made the Trinity booklet very popular!! The final four boxes arrived mid session in Kitwe. To great rejoicing!!!”
John, thank you for sharing and for serving the Lord in such an amazing way! May God bless your ministry and life!
Equipped church leaders, ministers, pastors, and teachers

Equipped church leaders, ministers, pastors, and teachers

*Photos provided by John Tancock



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