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NEW! PowerPoint® Presentations—30% OFF

What the Bible Says About Prayer PowerPoint®
What the Bible Says About Prayer
What is prayer? Is there a right way or a wrong way to pray? How do I know God is answering me? This full-color PowerPoint® presentation covers the basics of what believers need to know about prayer. Understanding what the Bible teaches about prayer gives us confidence that God knows us, cares about our lives, gives us strength, and listens to our requests.

  • More than 100 slides
  • Full-color photos and graphics
  • The who, what, where, when, and why on prayer
  • 4 Types of Prayers (ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication)
  • Phrase-by-phrase explanation of the Lord’s Prayer (in chart form)
  • 100 key bible verses and examples of prayers

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What the Bible Says About Money PowerPoint®
What the Bible Says About Money
Includes Over 100 Bible Verses on Money
What does the Bible really say about money? This full-color PowerPoint® presentation provides a good overview of the Bible’s teachings about money, finances, stewardship and possessions. Discover dozens of God’s promises about money and learn how he wants you to use the resources he has blessed you with—whether it’s a lot or a little.

  • How to honor God with our money.
  • Money’s False Promises vs. the Bible’s Promises
  • How God rewards faithfulness
  • Why give?
  • And more!

Includes handy charts, such as—

  • The Do’s and Don’t with Money
  • Proverbs on Money
“I find Rose PowerPoint® presentations to be true to the Word of God, very accurate, informative, and easy to understand…They are truly outstanding. Keep up the good work!”—Norm Wood, Adult Bible Teacher, First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA

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NEW! DVD-Studies—30% OFF

Tabernacle DVD-Based Study (Complete Kit)

“With great detail and passion Shawn Barnard [your guide] reveals how every article and ritual within the Tabernacle points to Jesus, the Christ. He ushers us from the distant Outer Courts, beyond the Veil and into the very presence of God.” —Jeanne Whittaker, Founder, The Tabernacle Experience

Save $30 on our NEW! Tabernacle DVD-Based Complete KitThe ONLY DVD study from The Tabernacle Experience available! This fantastic 6-session DVD makes it easier than ever to understand the significance of the Tabernacle.
Walk through every part of the Tabernacle Experience’s life-size replica, while receiving expert explanations from your guide, Pastor Shawn Barnard—

  • See what the Tabernacle looked like
  • Discover the meaning and symbolism behind EACH utensil and sacrifice of the Tabernacle— and how they point to Christ.
  • Learn about the steps of worship the Lord specifically designed to be able to dwell with his people.
“…I’m confident that viewers of this study will find their hearts transformed, just as if they had actually walked through the Tabernacle into the Most Holy Place.” —Jen Hubbard

All products related to the Tabernacle DVD are on sale for 30% OFF. FIND OUT MORE!
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Live Again DVD-Based Study (Complete Kit)
The Only Christian Divorce Recovery DVD Just For Women

“Live Again is exactly what churches need to reach out to women who’ve been devastated by divorce. It’s a Christ-centered women’s recovery program that helps them heal and draw closer to the Lord.” —Pastor Roger Ball, First Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ

Live Again
Live Again is a NEW 8-session DVD series specifically designed by women for women. This life-changing Live Again DVD series, led by Michelle Borquez, addresses eight crucial issues that women face during and after their divorce, such as loneliness, forgiveness, fear, dating, and moving past the shame and guilt to healing and wholeness. Each of the 30-minute sessions offers women a fresh purpose and perspective through:

  • Stories of hope from real women who have found healing and renewed purpose after divorce.
  • Sound biblical guidance on key issues from experts, which opens the door to healing and awareness of God’s purpose.

Live Again is easy to lead. You don’t need to be an expert. The DVD is all-inclusive, giving women in your congregation and community the biblical principles, expert advice and stories of hope they need.
All products related to the Live Again DVD series are on sale for 30% OFF. FIND OUT MORE!
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NEW! “Hot Topic” Minibooks—25% OFF

Save up to $7! Choose ANY 5 of the new release “hot topic” minibooks, and get them for 25% off. (Mix and Match okay). These trusted mini-books will help you and those you love know how to handle life’s tough decisions and how to move past emotional setbacks into healing and freedom. Discover the freedom, wholeness, and joy God wants for each of us.

Minibooks on How to Move Past Emotional Setbacks, Fears, and Hopelessness into God’s Freedom

Shows how to enjoy healthy solitude that will bring you closer to God and how to break free from unhealthy loneliness by reaching out, building bridges in ministry, controlling your emotions, and accepting God’s comfort in loneliness.
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Explains how to get rid of false guilt, how to recognize the lies of the enemy, and how to forgive yourself. Discover how to move past the legalistic “Do’s and Don’ts” lists of life into the freedom found in Christ’s love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness.
More Info
Abuse to FavorGives you the practical and biblical tools needed to heal and move past the scars and hopelessness of abuse— verbal , psychological , emotional , and physical. Includes a personal testimony, bible study, and practical steps from expert counselors.
More Info
Abandonment to Forgiveness— Provides biblical advice to those who constantly wonder, Was it my fault? Am I just not good enough? Highlights God’s loving promises to all who suffer from fear and insecurity. Includes a personal testimony, bible study, and practical steps from expert counselors.
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Minibooks on How to Handle Life’s Tough Choices

Success Through Failure
Reveals what successful people do to turn failure into success, by providing practical and bible-based advice on how to let your failures propel you into a better future. Explains how God can help you find your passion, how your personality affects your response to failure, how to forgive yourself and others when things don’t go right, and more.
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Sexual Integrity
Identifies the #1 cause for NOT maintaining sexual pure and the 12 reasons many give into to sex—PLUS, it show how to overcome these temptations. Supplies the 3 subtle seduction hooks, the 7 myths about sex, and practical advice on where to draw boundaries to help maintain sexual integrity.
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Gives you the confidence to confront someone who is doing something wrong in a godly way by showing the 5 methods of confrontation used within the Bible. Describes when to confront a person, how to check your motives, and how to personally prepare for a confrontation that promotes righteousness.
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Minibooks on Abuse, Addition, and Recovery—
How to Overcome, Recover, and Heal!

Domestic Violence
Outlines a Christian approach to help you identify physical and emotional abuse (behavior checklist included). Supplies questions and answers to stop and avoid physical and emotional abuse, includes the causes of violent behavior, the reasons many women won’t leave abusive relationships, how to set healthy boundaries, and more.
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Gives hope to those who have been inflicted with the pain of an unfaithful spouse. Exposes the behavior of a mate who is having an affair, the characteristics and consequences of an adulterer, and the common mistakes committed by the faithful partner.
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Includes helpful insights and biblical wisdom to help you determine whether you or a friend struggle with any of the 4 types of gambling addictions. Shares strategies for how to break free from problem gambling in a godly way.
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Abortion to MercyWhat do you do after you have had an abortion? Shows how to forgive yourself and how to accept God’s mercy. Includes a personal testimony, bible study, and practical steps from expert counselors.
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Don’t Wait! This is your LAST CHANCE to buy these new releases at their pre-sale price. Hurry! You have only 4 days left!

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