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Each Freedom Series minibook includes a personal testimony, a Bible study, and practical steps from expert counselors to help you or someone you know overcome life’s challenges, such as the emotional aftermath of abuse, abortion, and adultery. These minibooks were designed to help you discover the freedom, wholeness, and joy God wants for each of us.

“The Freedom Series deals with many issues that I have come across during the decades I have counseled people at my church. Each book is great for its designed application… It is refreshing to have a resource that doesn’t just talk about an issue, but shows how to apply biblical concepts to it. I highly recommend this series!”—Marlene Mancuso, Harbor City, CA

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FREE eChart: “Spotting Cycles of Abuse”

Knowing the abuse cycle will help you identify if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship. Plus, being able to recognize the 6-steps of the cycle will prevent you from getting sucked into this vicious series of events. This cycle is the same for sexual, physical, emotional, and verbally abusive situations. This free eChart comes from the Abuse to Favor minibook. This minibook not only provides practical ways for breaking the abuse cycle, but it reveals how biblical characters, such as David, were sucked into this ongoing cycle as well. All types of abuse share this in common: they are not okay, and you do not have to withstand it any longer. You and someone you know can be freed from abuse.
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“We live in a broken fallen world, and sometimes need help in making sense of the hurtful, painful things in our lives. These books are real stories and can help women find freedom from the paralyzing affects of betrayal, fear and deception through the liberating truths of Scripture.” —Marijean Green, wife of recording artist, Steve Green, and involved in women’s leadership at Christ Community Church.

Here’s what we have today’s deals on—

Abuse to Favor
Abuse to Favor
Abuse comes in many forms, so what do you do when you realize you or someone you know is being abused? There is help for abuse. Whether caught in domestic violence or verbal abuse, this minibook will meet you in the trenches of hopelessness and give you the practical and biblical tools to deal with abuse. You don’t have to endure an abusive relationship alone; you can be freed from abuse. Jo Anne Aleman writes about her past of abuse, and will open the door to your heart, letting God’s truth set you free. Paige Henderson helps diagnose why women often stay in abusive relationships—deception. Learn what Jesus can do when he heals your wounds and helps you to see clearly.
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Abandonment to Forgiveness
Abandonment to Forgiveness
At some point in every woman’s life, a feeling of abandonment causes deep-rooted pain and insecurity. Whether the situation is big or small, God cares for you and wants you to feel completely satisfied as His precious child. It’s okay to have heartache over the people in this world who have misused your trust. But God has a comfort like nothing else on earth. This minibook includes—

  • A personal testimony from Michelle Moore, who tells her story of having been abandoned by her mother when she was young and how she found healing in Christ.
  • A Bible study by Paige Henderson that highlights God’s loving promises to all who suffer from fear and insecurity.
  • Practical advice from licensed counselor Sharon Kay Ball on how to work through the steps of grief.

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Abortion to Mercy
Abortion to Mercy
What happens after an abortion? When you can’t go back and change the past, is there forgiveness or spiritual recovery? God still has a plan for you. There is always forgiveness and freedom when you turn to Jesus, this world’s only Redeemer. This minibook includes the story of Marcie Schneider, a woman who hid the dark secret of an abortion, a pain she had to endure alone. Let Marcie’s counseling bring healing to you as she shares her story of redemption. This minibook will help you discover how to forgive yourself. Abortion to Mercy includes a Bible study by Paige Henderson that highlights the mercy that Christ has on us, despite sins we’ve committed. Paige shows you verses from the Bible that will give you wisdom and hope for God’s plan for your life.
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For 5 Days ONLY! Buy ALL 3 books for just $13.49—that means each minibook is just $4.50 a piece! Hurry! This offer ends soon. Don’t miss your chance to gain the knowledge and comfort you need to move past life’s rough spots.

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