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All this talk about gift-giving has got me in the mood to give a gift myself. So, as a loyal Rose customer, please take a moment to download this FREE eChart: Fatherhood to find out about the important role Fathers play in their children’s development.

Dad, You’re Important!
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Free eChart: “Fatherhood”

Download Free Bible eChartThis week’s eChart Fatherhood: Statistics on the Importance of Dad shares statistical data on the impact fathers have on their children. The eChart is just a small portion of Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference pamphlet. The pamphlet encourages dads with both statistics and biblical wisdom—plus it uses a great sense of humor. This is a great reminder on the important role God has called men to play in their families. Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference is a great Father’s Day handout that both believers and non-believers can appreciate and grow through. Or you can use this pamphlet for a small group Bible study at anytime throughout the year!
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Here’s what we have the great deals on!


This pamphlet uses statistical data and biblical wisdom and a good sense of humor to show the importance of fathers in today’s changing society. Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference is a perfect overview of God’s important calling for men to be true fathers. This pamphlet shows that God is our best model for fathering, and explains the biblical teachings of love, instruction, and discipline.

  • Dozens of key Bible passages on character and raising children.
  • Humorous quotes about fathers.
  • Ideas for interacting with children and training them.
  • Section on honesty and integrity.
  • Statistics on the importance of fathers’ involvement with children.

Perfect giveaway or Bible study for men!

“Finally, a pamphlet on Fatherhood, right!?! 🙂 Seriously though, Rose has put together a great resource, packed with great quotes, statistics and encouragement for husbands and fathers of all ages and situations.” —Paul Dare


Bible Promises for Hope and Courage

Bible Promises for Hope and Courage
The most comforting and encouraging Scripture verses are brought together in this full- color, easy-to-use pamphlet for everyday life. The Bible Promises for Hope and Courage pamphlet presents 100 of the best-loved Bible verses. Each promise passage has been chosen to reflect God’s care for His people and to instill hope, courage, and comfort. In addition to personal use, Bible Promises is a bestselling resource that’s perfect for giveaways, pastoral care, prayer ministries, lay counseling, personal devotions, outreach, and many other ministry situations. These scriptures were selected to provide words of hope, peace, joy, strength, courage, forgiveness, guidance, and more!

Knowing God’s Will

Knowing God's Will
Wonder what God’s will is for your life? Everyone needs a little help navigating through life’s tough decisions. Here’s a road guide to help you have confidence along the journey. Addresses questions such as: Who is God and why should I trust Him?; What does God think about me?; What is God’s will?; How can I recognize God’s leading?; What’s the value of suffering?; and What does God do with failure?
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A Special Gift For a Special Guy—Up to 30% OFF

If you’re stumped on what to get your dad or what to have your children get your husband, don’t settle on the predictable—the tie, the shirt, the gift-card—give him a gift that will wow him while also growing his relationship with God.

Book of Bible Charts Vol. 2

Book of Bible Charts Vol. 2

“This book is very informative. I love the nuggets hidden in it. I recommend it for anyone who is seeking to know more about the Bible.” —Lula Johnson, Amazon Review

Features over 230 pages of popular Rose Bible charts in one reproducible book! Full color, great for personal study, Bible studies, small groups, and classes. This is a completely separate book from Rose Book of Bible Charts Vol. 1—it has more charts, more illustrations, and more pictures! Buying these charts separately would cost $130! Now you can get this resource for only $19.99.
Covers topics, such as—

  • Why Trust the Bible?
  • Christ in the Passover
  • Names of Jesus
  • Christianity and Eastern Religions
  • 10 Q & A on Mormonism/Jehovah’s Witnesses/Magic/Atheism
  • and many others!
“Man this is a wealth of good information for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible. Very detailed. Great as a teaching resource.”—Stephen, Amazon Review


Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines

Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines
There are 6000 years and 20 feet of time lines in this one beautiful hard-bound cover book! From Adam in the garden of Eden to modern times, this large print, easy-to-understand Bible study resource will help you compare Bible and world history. It contains hundreds of fascinating facts that will make history come alive. Read it like a book, or pull out the 20-foot time line and post it on the wall.

  • The first 10 feet show a Bible Time Line that compares Scriptural events with world history and Middle East history. For example, Jonah lived during the time of the first recorded Olympics!
  • The next 10 feet show a time line of Church History that begins with the life of Jesus and continues to the present day. Includes brief explanations of more than 300 key people and events that all Christians should know.
“I bought this book, for a friend, as a gift. She had told me that she had always wanted a Christian History book, so I bought this one for her, and she loves it! I’m glad she is happy, and I think any practicing Christian would love this book, as well.”—Diana Lambert, Amazon Review


Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Map Book

Deluxe Then and Now Bible Map Book
Includes full-color Bible maps with clear-plastic overlays that show modern cities and countries. Now you can see where Bible places are today. This is the deluxe version of the #1 Bible Atlas. It includes twice as many pages as the original version, plus a CD-ROM of all the maps. The best-selling Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Map Book brings new relevance to your studies and teaching, and compares Bible locations with modern-day sites.

“This book is amazing if you are into seeing a visual of what they are talking about in the Bible. I bought this as a gift for my husband and he spent hours looking stuff up. Great buy. Also comes with a disk of all the pictures to make power points!” —Kimmie, Amazon Review

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