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Free eChart: Symptoms of Unresolved Anger

Find Out the 16 Warning Signs of Unresolved Anger (Checklist Included)
Anger happens, but when it comes, do you know how to handle it correctly? The first step of controlling anger is knowing your “anger cues,” the warning signs, that you are getting upset.

Each Person Has Different Warning Signs of Anger.

This week’s echart, Warning Signs of Unresolved Anger, includes a checklist to help you identify your personal anger cues and the 16 warning signs of anger in others. Knowing these cues will help you better respond to anger in a healthy way, and will help you avoid the dangers of unresolved anger.
Download Free Bible eChart
FOR 5 DAYS ONLY! Get these bestselling minibooks at an incredibly reduced price!
Has anger ever clouded your judgment to the point that you acted rashly and then regretted it later? What do you do when you’re inflamed with angry thoughts and feelings? Ultimately, you have the choice to act wisely or to react foolishly. You can learn to keep your anger under control with biblically centered advice from June Hunt.
Anger gives the warning signs, or characteristics of unacceptable anger. This section includes an anger cue checklist, making it easy to diagnose different ways in which your body reacts to anger. Other checklists that will help you be better informed on your anger are “Cues to Find Hidden Anger” and “Act or React.”
“I forgive you.” These three little words are so simple, so complex, and yet so powerful! Forgiveness gives us permission to let go of recent irritations or long-held grudges of minor offenses or festering hurts that keep us up at night. Relationships filled with resentment ultimately perish. Relationships filled with forgiveness ultimately prevail. Learn how you can be an expression of God’s grace by forgiving others and find the freedom He intended you to have.
Forgiveness will reveal the characteristics of an unforgiving heart and the high cost of bitterness versus the high reward of forgiveness. Read the captivating story of how Corrie Ten Boom, a girl who survived a cruel concentration camp, who forgave one of the oppressors of the camp during an event she was speaking at. Losing her father and sister to that same concentration camp made forgiving this man very hard, for it was only by the grace of God that helped her choose to forgive rather than to be entrapped in bitterness.
Verbal and Emotional Abuse
You didn’t think anyone could hurt you like this, but now that you’re in or have experienced an abusive relationship, how can things be restored? Abuse inflicts immense pain and impedes emotional growth. We have all been wounded by hurtful words and actions of others that we often carrying with us for a lifetime. June Hunt has a message for you: it is possible to stop the pain of abuse. Learn biblical truths and practical “how to’s” for stopping the pain of abuse and fostering peace in all your relationships.
This mini-book will shed light on the characteristics of verbal and emotional abuse, words used in abusive conversations, methods of sabotage, and examples of what the victims may experience when dealing with an abusive relationship. Discover the causes of a person who abuses others and answer hard questions like, “How can he be so cruel?” and, “How can se be so insensitive?”
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution
Disharmony in the home, wars in the workplace, and disputes in the church should lead us to the One to whom we can turn to for direction, strength, and courage. Passivity is not the real path to peace. Resolution rests in confronting the wrong, but with the right heart. God’s Word provides principles for peace that can bring about the supernatural result of reconciliation and resolution.
Conflict Resolution will explain why some people are avoiders while others are attackers. Learn what causes the worst type of conflict and how to overcome core differences, working through conflict rather than pushing it to the side.
Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Can anything dispel the darkness and bring back true peace and contentment to your heart? In June Hunt’s new book Depression, she examines the true story of Andrea Yates, a woman who drowned her 5 children on June 20, 2001. How could a mother do the unthinkable-kill her own children? In a word, the answer is depression–but not just normal depression, rather, psychotic depression that lead Andrea to break with reality.
Depression will show the spiritual implications of depression, and how it can actually leave lasting effects when our bodies experience depression for extended periods of time. God has created us with the ability to bounce back after experiences that weigh heavy on us for short periods of time, but our bodies were not designed to endure long bouts of depressed feelings.
You’ve heard plenty about getting hooked on drugs or alcohol or sitting at slot machines from sunup to sundown, but can you really become addicted to a person? The answer is yes–codependency is a relationship addiction. A codependent is anyone who is dependent on another person to the point of being controlled or manipulated by that person. Learn how to be released from relationship addiction and have a renewed commitment to put Christ first.
Includes a helpful checklists like “the codependent relationship profile” will help you determine whether or not you are in a codependent relationship. Also learn what the five stages of childhood development are, and how you can keep your children from having an unhealthy dependence on you.

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