Top 5 Publishers for Christian Non-Fiction (week ending 4-20-2013)

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Rose Publishing is ranked #5 in the list of top 10 publishers for Christian non-fiction (week ending 4-20-2013) through the Christian Retail Channel as reported by Pubtrack.

Notable Rose Publishing top sellers this week:
1. Paul Wright’s fantastic new Rose “Then and Now” Bible Map Atlas. It has 120 highly detailed Bible maps, plus clear plastic overlays showing modern day cities and countries for the regional maps. There’s nothing else like it if you really want to understand how geography and culture played a role in the lives of key Bible characters. See a free sample chapter on Pontius Pilate.
2. Christianity, Cults and Religions, the only up-to-date side-by-side comparison chart of 21 world religions, cults, and new religious movements has sold nearly 1 milllion copies. As these groups change, general editor Paul Carden, makes sure this pamphlet has the best information available. Christianity, Cults & Religions is available in PDF for your iPhone or tablet or computer.
3. The Tabernacle pamphlet. Rose Publishing continues to be the #1 publisher for products on the Old Testament Tabernacle. And in July 2013, a new Tabernacle DVD-based 6-week study for churches is being released. We’re incredibly excited to team up with Jeanne Whittaker, founder and president of the Tabernacle Experience, and Shawn Barnard, one of the most gifted teachers on the topic. You’ll walk through a life-sized replica and discover the symbolism and significance of this amazing “tent of meeting.”



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