New WORDsearch Rose Publishing Library!

New WORDsearch Rose Publishing Library

NEW! WORDSearch Rose Publishing Library!

You save a bundle when you buy this bundle of bestsellers
FOR THIS WEEK ONLY, save over $65 when you buy the NEW! WORDsearch Rose Publishing Library. This is the best bundle deal of Rose Publishing products on the market with 22 Rose bestsellers on one disc. Includes 19 full-color pamphlets, 2 books, and 1 Bible map insert. This disc has a $164.90 retail value, but you save 40% when you order today.
Now you can easily access and store a wide variety of our most popular products on your computer, making it easier and faster than ever to find the information and illustrations that you need.
Whether you’re hungry for biblical knowledge and don’t know where to begin or you’re a seasoned student of the Bible that wants to brush up, our new WordSearch Rose Publishing Library is just the place to start.
The WordSearch Rose Publishing Library features diagrams, illustrations, maps, photos, charts, facts, and time lines that bring Christian teachings to life. The best part about these visual tools is that they present Bible information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to share with others.

There’s no better wide-spectrum resource than what Rose Publishing provides. So many areas, so many experts, all doctrinally sound and great communicators. Thanks for being there!
Peter Benson at KNKT Radio, ABQ, Connect in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Enrich your knowledge of Jewish culture, the places where Jesus walked, Christian holidays, the views of the End-Times, Christian history, names and characteristics of the Trinity, and other biblical topics. You will find your studies and walk with God refreshed and even more meaningful.
This is perfect for individual use, for teaching, or to give as a present. It saves space, time, and money—this is your shortcut to building the complete resource library you always wanted. I invite you to look at the resources listed below to see what’s included in Rose’s best bundle deal to date.
SAVE over $65 when you buy WORDsearch Rose Publishing Library—Just $99 (retail: $164.90). Click Here to find out more.

Check Out the 22 Graphic Resources Included—

Rose Guide to the Temple
Rose Guide to the Temple is a full-color overview of the Temple, with more than 100 images, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations—many of which have never published before. Rose Guide to the Temple is a clear and easy-to-understand examination of the Temple and contains stunning posters that no other Temple guide has. In the late afternoon sunlight, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is one of the most breathtaking places in the world. This was the site of King Solomon’s great Temple, a “house of prayer for all people”—the center of worship and celebration. Now you can see what the Temple looked like more than 3,000 years ago. Plus, the guide covers the important events and people throughout the history of the Temple from Abraham to modern day.

“Its precision and visual clarity make this Guide into an indispensable source for our knowledge about the ancient Temples…”
Dr. Emanuel Tov, J.L. Magnes Professor of Bible, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy
An easy-to-understand overview of Bible prophecy from several viewpoints
Jesus talked a lot about the end of time and his second coming. These are key teachings that every Christian should know. So why don’t they? Perhaps the topic seems too complex or too confusing. And that’s a shame because it doesn’t have to be. Rose Guide to End Time Prophecy is an easy-to-understand overview. It helps you understand key portions of Scripture and explains different ways that Christians have interpreted them. Simple charts and illustrations help you see the whole picture.

“…If you are interested in really understanding the several evangelical approaches to the end times this study is a must! Dr. Jones[the author of Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy] knows his material well and presents it clearly. I highly commend Dr. Jones for his intelligent, fair, and practical presentation of the Four Views of the End Times.
Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D.
Author, He Shall Have Dominion and Before Jerusalem Fell

Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Map Book
Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Map Book includes full-color Bible maps that show modern cities and countries. Now you can see where Bible places are today. It includes—

  • 29 base maps—more than three times as many as the original Then and Now® Bible Map Book
  • 40 pages—which is double the content of the original
  • 8 maps that show modern–times locations on ancient maps
  • A hard-cover spine with spiral interior for ease of use and copying

The Tabernacle
Symbolism in the Tabernacle
This bestselling, full-color, and glossy pamphlet features a cutaway illustration of the Old Testament Tabernacle in the Wilderness of Sinai. This illustration, created exclusively for Rose Publishing by renowned Bible artist Stan Stein, provides an amazing inside look at 15 important features of the Tabernacle, such as the Ark of the Covenant, the High Priest, and the Sacrifice, and how they relate to our relationship with God today through Christ.

“Rose Publishing puts out fantastic resources for the body of Christ. Their small [pamphlet] on The Tabernacle is jam-packed with pictures, information and encouragement. Yes, encouragement, for the simple reason that the entire Tabernacle, from beginning to end, is a glorious picture of Christ, our great God and Savior.
Paul Dare

The Temple
The Temple Throughout Bible History
Includes rich illustrations and content packed pages with hundreds of facts about the Temple. The full-color pamphlet covers the Tabernacle in the wilderness to the Temple built by King Solomon, Zerubbabel, and Herod’s Temple, the one Jesus knew so well. The Temple pamphlet has colorful illustrations of the Temple drawn to scale based on measurements from the Bible. Each of the Temple furnishings are explained in detail, as well as their functions, purposes, and the meanings they have for believers today.

Bible Overview
Know Themes, Facts, and Key Verses at a Glance
Provides an excellent summary of every book of the Bible. Naturally divided into Old and New Testaments books, Bible Overview presents the name of the Book of the Bible, the author, type of writing, where and when it was written, why it was written and the key verse that summarizes the important truth from the Book. The pamphlet is a full-color bestseller with glossy finish.

Names of God
21 Names of God and Their Meanings
The bestselling Names of God pamphlet is a wonderful tool for understanding God’s character and personal attributes. The 21 names of God, found throughout the Old Testament, will build your faith and enrich the time you spend in his presence. This full- color glossy, 12-panel pamphlet offers an easy-to-use chart format for learning God’s names and their meaning such as El Shaddai (The All-Sufficient One), Jehovah-Rapha (The Lord Who Heals), and YHWH (I Am). Each name of God holds a special blessing or promise for those who believe in God.

Names of the Holy Spirit
32 Names of the Holy Spirit and Their Meanings
The Holy Spirit has many names in the Bible, and each name will help you understand more about the power and work of God in your life. This pamphlet uses a chart format, making it easy to see the 32 names of the Holy Spirit from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, to learn what each name means, and to access the scripture references for each name. Covers names, such as Breath of the Almighty, Power of the Highest, and Spirit of Judgment.

Christ in the Passover
Celebrate a Christian Seder
The Passover is the Old Testament feast that celebrates and remembers God’s liberation of Israel from Egypt. In just 14 pages, you will learn the history of this special day and the symbolism that points to Jesus Christ. Christ in the Passover also includes a Passover seder that can be used by Christians year round.

Fruit of the Spirit
How the Spirit Works In and Through Believers
How does the Holy Spirit work in the lives of Christians? The answers are found in this bestselling pamphlet, The Fruit of the Spirit. Based on Galatians 5: 22 and 23, this informative pamphlet helps Christians understand nine fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These traits can only be developed with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit is an excellent tool for teaching, for devotions, or for reference.

Feasts of the Bible
Jewish Roots of Believers in Yeshua (Jesus)
God commanded Israel to observe these feasts and holy days as memorials to the great things that he had done. These are holidays that Jesus observed all through his life. Learn about religious holidays such as Passover/Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks, Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanukah. See how these special days point to Jesus as the promised Messiah. Includes Hebrew lettering, Jewish holidays, pronunciation, Jewish calendar, symbolism, and Bible references for the feasts and New Testament fulfillment.

Islam and Christianity
Compares Basic Teachings and Beliefs
Easily compare the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims (followers of Islamic faith) on eight different topics:

  • Religious History
  • Who God is
  • The Holy Scriptures
  • Prophets
  • Practices and Rituals
  • Salvation and Paradise
  • The Role of Women
  • Religion and Culture

Using an easy-to-follow format this bestselling pamphlet helps believers understand the key differences between Muslims and Christian. It looks at key issues and asks, “What Muslims Believe,” “What Christians Believe,” and addresses “How to Correct Misunderstandings.” With this knowledge, you can reach out to Muslim without offending cultural sensitivities.

How We Got the Bible
A Time Line of Key Events in the History of the Bible
The How We Got the Bible pamphlet will increase the confidence of every believer regarding the reliability of the Bible. Includes a time line of key events in Bible-making history, examples and illustrations of ancient writing materials, and a variety of Bible versions. This full-color, glossy pamphlet includes the inspiring stories of early translators who gave their lives to translate and print the Bible, including William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, King James, Erasmus, and Johann Gutenberg.

Understanding the Book of Revelation
Ways to Interpret Revelation
There are several ways that Christians over the centuries have interpreted the passages in Revelation. Understanding the Book of Revelation looks at the different interpretations and how each interpretation has insights for today. Explains key symbols, such as the 7 seals, the 7 churches, and more!

100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus
Discover how Jesus fulfilled more than 100 prophecies foretold 400 – 1500 years before his birth. This bestselling pamphlet shows you the Old Testament prophecies that relate to Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection and includes the New Testament fulfillments.

Denomination Comparison
<pCompare 12 Major Denominations and Their Beliefs
Features a side-by-side comparison of what 12 Christian denominations believe about God, the Trinity, Jesus, and other spiritual issues. This easy-to-read pamphlet summarizes the beliefs of the different denominations on key topics and includes a “Family Tree of Denominations” which reveals the roots of today’s denominations. Denominations Comparison includes a look at: Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Anabaptist, Congregational, Baptist, Presbyterian, Churches of Christ, Adventist, and Pentecostal churches

The Christmas Story
Scripture from the Gospels and the Prophets
Here is the story of Jesus’ birth and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies in a beautiful pamphlet that can be used as a handout at Christmas and as a Bible study to use during Advent. Using traditional wording from Matthew and Luke’s Gospels and beautiful full-color art, this pamphlet starts with the angelic announcement of John the Baptist’s birth and ends with the Gospel story and a forward look toward Christ’s second coming.

Four Views of the End Times
Christian Views on Jesus’ Second Coming
What does the Bible say about the end times that lead to the return of Jesus Christ? The major views on the end times that can divide Christians are examined in the Four Views of the End Times pamphlet. Shows four different Revelation timelines and diagrams, a definition of the four major end time views, supporting Scriptures, a time line of the view’s popularity, and a sampling of Christian leaders supporting the view.

As usual, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones makes it look easy to discuss the hard things. With Four Views of the End Times, Dr. Jones delivers a truly absorbing, Jesus-focused exploration of the book of Revelation—and our part in the days to come.
Mike Nappa, Bestselling author of The Prayer of Jesus and The Courage to be Christian

Armor of God
The Armor of God pamphlet helps to bring Apostle Paul’s message to the Ephesians (6:10-18) to life. This bestselling pamphlet provides historically accurate background of a Roman Centurion’s armor then draws vital parallels to the spiritual armor God gives his children: the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, Feet Prepared with Gospel of Peace, The Shield of Faith, The Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit. Learn to “stand firm” by putting on the full armor of God.

Then and Now® Bible Maps
Where are the Bible lands today? Where were Iraq and Iran in Bible times? The answers to these questions and many others are found in the bestselling pamphlet Then and Now® Bible Maps. This full-color reference tool features 17 Bible maps that show ancient cities and countries in black with modern-day boundaries marked in red. Then & Now® Bible Maps is fantastic for comparing places in the news with places in the Bible

Names of Jesus
The 50 Names of Jesus and Their Meanings
The Names of Jesus pamphlet is an excellent tool to help you learn the 50 names, character and personal attributes of Jesus. Names such as the King of Kings, Chief Cornerstone, and Lion of Judah hold special insights that will strengthen your walk as a believer. In about 30 minutes, you will know the 50 Names of Jesus along with Scripture references from both the Old and New Testament, the meaning of each name, and more.

Then and Now® Bible Maps Insert
This incredible, full color Bible atlas shows modern-day cities and countries in conjunction with biblical cities and locations. If your tired of looking at the tiny maps included in the back of your Bible and still not understanding an ancient city’s location, this is the resource for you. Includes 44 pages with full-color maps, larger print, every major city in the Bible, separate maps for each of Paul’s journeys, a Bible time line, and an index.



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