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April PowerPoint Blow Out

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Christianity, Cults & Religions
Help Christians know what they believe and why! Researched by some of the top scholars in the field, this ready−to−use PowerPoint® presentation compares biblical Christianity with 20 cults and religions. Covers what each group teaches about Who is God?, Who is Jesus?, What happens after death?, How to be saved, and more. Also discusses each group’s founders, key writings, and interesting practices. Contains more than 200 slides and over 100 photos and illustrations.

Then and Now Bible Maps
Those you teach will be amazed to discover that countries they hear on the news all the time were once the biblical nations and cities they learned about in Sunday school or Bible study. Then and Now® Bible Maps focus on these five key biblical areas. You can show each Bible map with or without the modern-day overlays.

Christian History Made Easy
Lively teaching presentations to go with each chapter of the book Christian History Made Easy brings to life the most important events and people in Christian history that every believer should know. Author Timothy Paul Jones, Ph.D., makes Christian history refreshingly fun while at the same time informative and engaging. From kings to monks, revivals to revolutions−follow the fascinating history of the Christian faith from the time of Jesus to today. Twelve teaching sessions with more than 350 slides containing full−color photos, illustrations, and maps. Easy to use in the classroom, small group, or church.

Four Views of the End Times
So what does the Bible actually say about the end times that lead to the return of Jesus Christ? The differing ideas that divide believers into four major points−of−view are examined in this Christian PowerPoint. This bestseller shows four different Revelation timelines and tackles Pre− and Post−millennialism, as well as Historic Premillennialism and Amillennialism in 12 panels of objective information. For each view, the PowerPoint includes a definition of the position with supporting Scriptures, a time line of the view’s popularity, and a sampling of Christian leaders supporting that view.

10 Q&A on Mormonism
The PowerPoint® version of I0 Questions & Answers on Mormonism allows PowerPoint® software users to discover a clear, down-to-earth understanding about what Mormons believe and how to witness to friends.
Learn about:

  • History of Mormonism
  • Who was Joseph Smith?
  • Where did the Book of Mormon come from?
  • Are American Indians of Israelite descent?
  • What does Mormonism require for salvation?
  • Why do Mormons practice “baptism for the dead”?
  • Why are secret rituals practiced in Mormon temples?


10 Q&A on Jehovah’s Witnesses
What should you know about the Jehovah’s Witnesses who come to your door? If you are a Christian or just interested in knowing the beliefs of this religious group, the 10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses PowerPoint will help. It compares Christian beliefs and Watchtower teachings on 10 of the most important questions regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses, including information on how the Jehovah’s Witnesses began, the prophecies made by their leader, Charles Taze Russell, the number of people who will go to heaven, and the reliability of the Watchtower’s New World Translation, and much more.
WORDSearch Rose Publishing Library
NEW! WORDSearch Rose Publishing Library
Are you hungry for the biblical knowledge and don’t know where to begin? Maybe you’re a seasoned student of the Bible and just want to brush up. Either way, our new WordSearch Rose Publishing Library is just the place to start. With an array of Rose’s most popular products on one disc, the WordSearch Rose Publishing Library contains maps, relevant & reliable history, a number of Rose Guides, and so much more! Enrich your knowledge of Jewish culture, the places where Jesus walked, Christian holidays, the views of the End-Times, names and attributes of the Trinity and other biblical topics. You will find your history and walk with God refreshed and even more meaningful.



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