When Is Jesus Coming Again?

This question was introduced to the world just as soon as Jesus resurrected and ascended to heaven. Ever since, we’ve been trying to guess the order of events prior to Jesus’ return. Over the past 2000 years, great Christian leaders such as Ireneaus, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards, have searched the Scriptures and have come up with several different scenarios for the end times.
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Enjoy learning more about the end times with Four Views of the End Times, an eChart that outlines the timeline of the end times according to each of the four different views. Does each view think that Jesus will return before or after a tribulation? Will there be a literal 1,000−year millennium? Learn the answers to those questions and many more!
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End-Times Prophecy
End-Times Prophecy
The Rose Guide to End Time Prophecy is an easy−to−understand overview that examines key portions of Scripture and explains different ways that Christians have interpreted end times prophecy. Simple charts and illustrations help you see the whole picture. This book will give you confidence as you look at the Bible and at events in today’s newspapers. You will be better informed and will have a Christ−centered, biblically based view of Jesus’ second coming.
Four Views of the End Times DVD
Four Views of the End Times DVD
For nearly 2000 years, Christians have wondered when will Christ return again. When he ascended into heaven, his disciples asked about the timing. The scriptures have many passages that refer to this important event. In this study, we’ll explore what the Bible actually says about the end times that lead to the return of Jesus Christ. This six−part study shows four different Revelation time lines and tackles Dispensational Premillennialism, Postmillennialism, Historic Premillennialism, and Amillennialism. Common questions and answers are handled as part of each session, so you don’t need to be the expert.
Four Views of the End Times Pamphlet
Four Views of the End Times Pamphlet
What does the Bible say about the end times that lead to the return of Jesus Christ? The major views on the end times that can divide Christians are examined in the Four Views of the End Times pamphlet, which can be read in 30 minutes or less. This fascinating pamphlet shows four different Revelation time lines and diagrams, a definition of the four major end time views, supporting Scriptures, a time line of the view’s popularity, and a sampling of Christian leaders supporting the view.
Rose Guide to the Tabernacle
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