How To Help Someone After a Difficult Divorce

Divorce is a tragic epidemic in our society. Each year in the U.S. alone 1 million marriages end in divorce.
What makes it even more devastating is that at least 38% of those divorces involve Christians, which means between 300,000-500,000 Christian marriages experience the devastation, pain, and challenges of a divorce each year. That’s approximately 1000 divorces per day.
No matter how much we support marriages – and discourage divorce, and try to avoid the painful aftermath, we cannot always keep divorce from happening. It is difficult to watch the pain, loneliness, and heartbreak of a spouse whose hopes and dreams were destroyed.
Live Again Promo VideoWhat can the church do to help those who’ve gone through a devastating divorce?
As the loving hands of Jesus in our community, we have a responsibility to reach out. We need to meet the needs in our church and be seen as a place that meets the needs of our community.

The Good News: Faith Matters

The good news is that a recent study showed that the Christian faith made a big difference in people’s ability to put their life back together and successfully live with hope and purpose. In fact, Christians had nearly a 3-times higher sense of well-being than people who have “no religion.” They were able to live again after divorce because of their faith and trust in the Lord!

Why is Rose Publishing’s new Aspire Press division releasing something on divorce?

As one of our email subscribers, you know that for 22 years Rose Publishing has provided biblical information and Bible study materials with the motto: “Bible Reference Made Easy.” As society has changed and needs have changed within churches, we also want to be a company that is open to offering healing for painful issues such as divorce.
We wholeheartedly believe in marriage and the covenant and commitment to stay in marriage forever. However, there is brokenness in this world, which includes broken people and broken marriages.
Rose Publishing has invested a great deal of time and effort to thoughtfully address this topic. As loyal customers and long-time friends, you are the first to know about this new recovery video. We want to share this brand new product with you.
Click on the link below for an advance screening of Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce – Session 1: Acceptance Reality Check

Why is a “Women’s-Only” Program So Important?

After talking with women’s ministry leaders, we discovered there was no Christian divorce recovery DVD-based program just for women. We know there are men suffering from the effects of divorce too, but in most churches, there are far more women – and they need a safe confidential place to discuss their struggles openly with mature Christian women.

Purchase the home edition: Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce for only $39.99 today.

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Praise from a Pastor

“The Live Again DVD series facilitated by Michelle Borquez is like being allowed the gift of sitting within a caring community of authentic women who are powerfully sharing their dealing and healing with the dreaded “D” word: “Divorce.” Going beyond just sharing how they ended up there, Michelle directs the conversations, bringing the women to speak hopefully of how divorce will not define their stories and encouraging them genuinely to know they will live again!”
Rev. Rudy Sheptock
Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church of the C&MA Cape May County, NJ

The “Live Again” video has interviews with experts and testimonies of women who’ve been there. These women share how they found hope and a sense of God’s purpose even after divorce.
Knowing you’re not alone makes a big difference. This video can be watched by an individual or in a small group setting. This video invites women to talk about very important topics in a non−threatening way. It gives women a chance to discuss—or journal about—these deep issues and provides them the opportunity to discover what others have found: hope. Finally, the video points women to a loving God who wants to make them whole again. After all, isn’t that what we all really want—to be able to live and smile again?
There are 4 hours of testimonies about hurt and healing—and they can be broken up into 8 half−hour segments. It’s a perfect resource for churches to have available for women who need wholeness after divorce. After each testimony, there are questions for journaling or sharing. There are helpful Leader Guides, Participant Guides, and Live Again Journals available June 2013.
Purchase Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce Home Edition today for only $39.99! This is the only Christian Divorce Recovery DVD for women. You have an opportunity to change lives from hopeless to whole. Learn more here & share this DVD by using the buttons below!



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