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Aspire Press: Your Choice Contest

About Michelle Borquez

Aspire Press: Your Choice Contest

Michelle Borquez is the national spokesperson for Beth Moore’s “Loving Well” television special, GLO Bible and has authored several books, Live Laugh Love Again, God Crazy and Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions with Harvest House. Michelle also has several new book releases in 2013, Forever God Crazy, God Crazy Freedom, and The Freedom Series releasing in stores nationwide Feb. 2013 in conjunction with the national “God Crazy Freedom” speaking tour. Michelle has hosted and been a featured guest on hundreds of television and radio programs, including NBC’s Midday Connection, The 700 Club, Life Today with James and Betty Robinson, Postively Texas, and TBN among many more.

In 1999 Michelle founded a general interest women’s publication highlighting articles on fashion, travel and health. As editor-in-chief she interviewed well known leaders, such as First Lady Laura Bush, Anne Graham Lotz, Michael W. Smith, Kurt Warner, Chuck and Gena Norris, Beth Moore, and more. Shine published 9 years with over 40,000 subscribers.

Michelle lives with husband/author Michael Thornton and four children, Joshua, 20, Aaron, 19, Madison, 17, and Jacob, 15, in Nashville.

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“Michelle Borquez has been placed in all our lives to help us rejoice in our faith with the same spiritual gusto and love that pours from the God Crazy message. It is a journey that will change the way you think, feel, and believe.”

-Monica Crowley

Author, Radio Host, News Anchor and Talk Show Host
on MSNBC and Frequent Commentator on NPR News Radio.

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About the Freedom Series

Divorce to Wholeness

Pain and Providence

Divorce can tear you in half. It’s not easy to deal with or sometimes even understand. With this book you learn how to put yourself back together and become whole again.

Abuse to Favor


When abuse happens, as women we tend to take on the pain alone, not wanting to let anyone in on our little secret. But you aren’t alone and you don’t have to deal with it alone. This book helps women understand that it’s not your fault and you don’t have to face it alone.

Deceived to Delivered

Gaining a Hopeful Spirit

We all fall almost daily with our walk with God, but how long do you want to stay fallen? This book teaches you that you don’t have to stay down and how to pick yourself up.

Abortion to Mercy

Breaking the Bonds of Fear

You never thought you would be in the situation of having an abortion and once it’s over the pain is still there. The God-Crazy women show you that because of this one action God has not left you. This book is to help heal and move past the hurt.

Fear to Courage

When is it Right to Die?

You don’t have to be a slave to your fears anymore. This mini-book, with a Bible study for personal or group use, truly defines you fears and holds your hand as you develop the courage to move past them. Through Christ all things are possible.

Abandonment to Forgiveness

No Longer Alone

At some point in every women’s life they have felt a sense of abandonment, for some this feeling is bigger than others. With this book women learn it’s okay to have these feelings but to always know that no matter who has left you, God is always with you.

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