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NEW! June Hunt & Hope For The Heart Booklets with Rose Publishing/Aspire Press

We have exciting news to share with you!
We are expanding from our well-known Bible maps and pamphlets into biblical counseling products! This new line of products will be under our BRAND NEW imprint, Aspire Press.
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Aspire Press will create Christian products that help people grow in their faith by offering solutions to life’s problems such as:
Anger • Forgiveness • Verbal and Emotional Abuse • Conflict Resolution • Depression • Codependency
You can purchase Aspire Press products on the Rose Publishing website starting December ( We are starting with some impressive authors for Aspire Press, and we’d like to introduce…

June Hunt

June Hunt is a biblical counselor whose award-winning radio program Hope For The Heart is heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world. For more than 25 years, she has counseled people, offering them hope for today’s problems. June has helped many people with emotional, relational, and spiritual problems experience God’s love through biblical hope and practical advice.
Hope For The Heart booklets approach life’s problems utilizing four main components: Definitions, Characteristics, Causes, and Steps to Solution. Firmly rooted in biblical principles, readers will find resolution through the practical help and insightful application found in these easy-to-read booklets….a ‘must’ for every Christian.
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“After decades of counseling men and women from all walks of life, June knows how to lead readers to truth – truth that liberates because it is truth from God.”
-Kay Arthur, Co-Founder of Precept Ministries International & Author of When the Hurt Runs Deep – Healing and Hope for Life’s Desperate Moments

Here are the Booklets from June Hunt that will be available February in stores…just two months away! Pre-order any of the booklets on the Aspire Press page.
“I forgive you.” These three little words are so simple, so complex, and yet so powerful! These words give us permission to let go of recent irritations or long-held grudges of minor offenses or festering hurts that keep us up at night. Relationships filled with resentment ultimately perish. Relationships filled with forgiveness ultimately prevail. Learn how you can be an expression of God’s grace by forgiving others and find the freedom He intended you to have.
Verbal and Emotional Abuse
Abuse inflicts immense pain and impedes emotional growth. We have all been wounded by hurtful words and actions of others that we often carry with us for a lifetime, however, it is possible to stop the pain of abuse! Learn biblical truths and practical “how to’s” for stopping the pain of abuse and restoring peace in all your relationships.
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution
Disharmony in the home, wars in the workplace, and disputes in the church should lead us to the One to whom we can turn for direction, strength, and courage. Passivity is not the real path to peace. Resolution rests in confronting the wrong, but with the right heart. God’s Word provides principles for peace that can bring about the supernatural result of reconciliation and resolution.
Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Can anything dispel the darkness and bring back true peace and contentment to your heart? The answer is yes! You can exchange the darkness of despair for the light of hope. Your depression can draw you closer to the Lord, so let Him lead you through the storm into the light.
You’ve heard plenty about getting hooked on drugs or alcohol or sitting at slot machines from sun up to sun down, but can you really become addicted to a person? The answer is yes—codependency is a relationship addiction. A codependent is anyone who is dependent on another person to the point of being controlled or manipulated by that person. Learn how to be released from relationship addiction and have a renewed commitment to put Christ first.
Has anger ever clouded your judgment to the point that you acted rashly and then regret it later? What do you do when you’re inflamed with angry thoughts and feelings? Ultimately, you have the choice to act wisely or to react foolishly. You can learn to keep your anger under control by learning how to act rather than react.

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