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Did you know—

  • That Jonah lived about the time of the first recorded Olympic games (776 BC)?
  • That the prophet Jeremiah was born the same year as the Greeks began to build the Acropolis in Athens (650 BC)? Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii during the Apostle John’s lifetime (79 AD)?

When you are reading the Bible, it’s difficult to grasp the span of time between key Bible events and the era they occurred. A visual tool like the Time Line Pamphlet will give you a detailed overview of both Bible and world events.

Today’s FREE eChart:

Today, Rose Publishing is offering a FREE eChart, Today’s eChart Life of Jesus and Early Church Time Line one panel from Bible & Christian History Time Lines . Life of Jesus and Early Church Time Line shows key Christian and world history events between 6 BC and 100 AD, which includes:

  • The birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus
  • The conversion of the Apostle Paul (37 AD)
  • The death of Stephen (32 AD)
  • The Council of Jerusalem agreeing with Paul that Gentile converts are not required to follow Jewish law (49 AD)
  • Paul sends his letters to the Corinthians (56 AD)
  • Peter and Paul are taken to Rome and are executed under Nero (64-68? AD)

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10-foot Timeline $5 off! (reg. $14.99)
10 Foot Classroom Time Line
Put a sweeping history of the Bible on the wall of your classroom, home, or office. This bestselling Classroom 10-Foot Bible Time Line presents more than 140 key people and events and includes the ruling years of kings, prophets, dates of battles, and events from Adam and Eve to Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Colorful illustrations make it easy to identify the various periods in biblical history.
20-foot Timeline $10 off! (reg. $29.99)
20 Foot Time Line
Rose Book of Bible and Christian History Time Lines is printed on heavy chart paper, and can read like a book, or slipped out of its binding and posted in a large room or hallway. It also fits perfectly along the ceiling of your office.The first 10 feet show a Bible Time Line that compares Scriptural events with world history and Middle East history. The next 10 feet show a time line of Church History that begins with the life of Jesus and continues to the present day. Includes brief explanations of more than 300 key people and events that all Christians should know.
Bible Timeline Pamphlet $2 off each when you buy 10 or more! (reg. $3.99)
Bible Time Line
The Bible Time Line covers more than 2,000 years, from before 2200 BC to 100 AD. Beginning with Genesis and Adam and Eve, the time line goes from Abraham and continues through the Apostle John and the Book of Revelation. The pamphlet provides key dates, events, and leaders from the Bible, world and Middle Eastern history. You will gain a new perspective on the place and time of biblical history.
In addition you can save $2 each on these other great time line pamphlets when you buy 10 or more. Mix and match okay.

  • Genesis Time Line
  • Christian History Time Line (English and Spanish versions)
  • Jerusalem Time Line
  • Reformation Time Line

Genesis Time Line

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