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If you believe that Jesus is the son of God and died in order to give you salvation spent with him for eternity, then the Holy Spirit dwells within you and wants to help you use uniquely-given abilities called “spiritual gifts”.
spir•it•u•al gifts: Abilities given to each believer of Jesus Christ that are directly connected to the Holy Spirit. They allow the life and ministry of the church to occur.
Spiritual gifts are our way of serving the Lord and ministering to the people in our lives. Chances are you just haven’t had the time to read anything about spiritual gifts or to take a small questionnaire revealing your spiritual gifts to you. Here’s the truth: your church NEEDS your help!

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Spiritual gift questionnaire: click here to receive a look into the actual 14-page pamphlet! It’s a full-color resource that will customize your journey to finding your spiritual gifts! Be the first one in your Bible study to fully understand the purpose of your spiritual gifts and the role of the Holy Spirit in your life. Buy one for each of your friends and family as a special gift just from you!

“I love this pamphlet. It has some great and valuable information inside, and I am planning on purchasing more from Rose Publishing. Thanks for the knowledge.”
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You were created with special gifts that God can begin to use TODAY! It’s never too late to glorify the Lord with your spiritual gifts!
Spiritual Gifts is a pamphlet from Rose Publishing Inc. that will change the way you serve at your church. This pamphlet addresses:

  • Each spiritual gift that is in the Bible
  • What the role of the Holy Spirit is in your life and in spiritual gifts
  • The definitions and differences between Cessationism and Continuationism
  • AND a spiritual gift questionnaire that you can take on the spot!

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