Muslims are Misunderstanding Christianity!

While Christians might not understand the meaning of words like Allah, Mecca, and Janna, Muslims don’t always understand words like Trinity, redemption, and salvation! Do you interact with Muslims on your street or in your workplace? Have you ever tried to talk to them about your faith in Jesus? The response was most likely positive because they believe some of the same things that we do about Jesus! They believe that he lived a perfect life and that he was born of a virgin, but there are some big differences as well. For example, some Muslims believe that the Christian concept of the Trinity is: Father, Son and the Virgin Mary! No educated Christian would ever believe this. No wonder they believe Christians are wrong!

Today’s FREE eChart

This free “Islam & Christianity: Who is God?” eChart helps Christians explain God to their Muslim friends and co-workers in a way that Muslims understand and find sensible. Today’s free eChart will give you a new perspective on what Muslims think. This eChart contains two of the 11-page Islam and Christianity pamphlet, which goes into depth about what Muslims believe, what Christians believe, and how we can clarify misunderstandings.
Rose Publishing has the perfect tool for you, the Islam and Christianity pamphlet! This full-color resource will help you lead your conversations to sharing the gospel!

“This is an excellent pamphlet…one of the most thorough easy- reference pieces that exists. We avoid material that bashes Muslims, and we appreciate the spirit that you have in this chart.”
– A woman who has lived with Muslims for 12 years

Here are 2 ways that the Islam and Christianity pamphlet will help you have an educated and loving conversation with someone who practices Islam:

  • Muslims often misunderstand the Trinity. They love Jesus, and recognize him as a sinless, virgin-born prophet, but they don’t understand how we can wrap him, the Holy Spirit AND God the Father into one. They believe in one god, Allah, and see Christians as polytheists. This pamphlet helps you explain how we view the Trinity as one ultimate God.
  • While Christians read the Bible, Muslims read the Quran. They believe that Christians follow a corrupted book for many reasons and point to the number of versions and languages it is offered in. The best way to share the Bible’s inerrancy with a Muslim is to talk about the nature of God, and how the Bible is a document that was inspired by Him.

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