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Have you tried to read the Bible and found it boring?
How do you discover important “nuggets” in the Scriptures that apply to your life?
What are four “Do-Nots” when studying the Bible?For a limited time, you can download Rose Publishing’s FREE How To Study The Bible eChart, which shows you how to use the 4-step S.O.I.L. method to inductively study the Bible. Whether you are new to a personal Bible study or are teaching people who have studied the Bible for years, it is helpful to know how to study God’s word in an organized and life-touching way.
The S.O.I.L. Bible study method (shown on today’s FREE How To Study The Bible eChart) explains how to study the Word by:

  • Selection – How do I study?
  • Observation – What do I see?
  • Interpretation – What does it mean?
  • Life Application – How does the Scripture apply to my life?
“We must read our Bibles like men digging for hidden treasure.”— J.C. Ryle, pastor, Liverpool, England, in the 1800’s

Our How To Study The Bible eChart is part of the 12-panel How to Study the Bible pamphlet, which provides preparation ideas, descriptive resources, and a step-by-step approach for a personal Bible study that will help you dig deeper into God’s Word.
When you begin practicing the study techniques in How to Study the Bible, you will develop the confidence to read and study God’s Word with a new passion. There is no easier way to learn How to Study the Bible.
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  1. Wow, your Bible study e-chart is fantastic. I’ve been wanting to bring myself closer to God lately. Perhaps I should look for a church service in my area.

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