Rose Publishing Releases Feast of the Bible DVD Series: Shows 4 Ways the Feasts Apply to You

Rose Publishing launches new DVD, leader guide for understanding the significance of the Feasts of the Bible
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TORRANCE, Calif., Aug. 12, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — What do the feasts of the Bible have to do with the coming Messiah? The seven feasts of Israel lay out the redemptive program of God. They show God’s intended appointment schedule with His people but also point the way toward the coming Messiah.
Dr. Sam Nadler is a Jewish believer in Jesus who was brought up in an Orthodox Jewish home. He is the host of a 6-session DVD series on each feast as well as the author of the accompanying 96-page leader guide, 96-page participant guide, and a 240-page handbook, Messiah in the Feasts of Israel (Rose Publishing).
Beginning with the Sabbath, he shows how it is the starting point of God’s redemptive plan. “God created us to relate to Him in His image . . . the finished work of creation is as finished work with redemption through Sabbath.”
In Passover, God shows his people that He is the ultimate redeemer. God wants not just a clean home, but a clean heart too, explains Nadler. While sin breaks relationship with God, the feast of Pentecost brings us together.  It is a season of giving of the law and a season of giving of the Spirit. The diversity of many tribes and peoples come together in one body.
At the feast of trumpets, “When trumpets blow, it is the trumpet of redemption,” says Nadler. There will be a day when God opens the book of life because He is sovereign over all creation. If there is a book of life, there is also the need for personal faith in Messiah.
The feast of tabernacles is the culmination of the work of God, a gathering of the nations where God is looking to restore a lost humanity to Himself. Lastly, the Day of Atonement is a solemn humbling of the soul. “Forgiveness, and all that it means, was done on the cross” says Nadler. Because of the Atonement, we can come into the very presence of the living God.
Dr. Michael Brown says, Messiah in the Feasts of Israel, “Demonstrates with undeniable clarity how the feasts and holy days of Israel are of importance to the church today.”  Through the feasts, God is drawing mankind to Himself, expressing His desire to know and be known, and showing the way to salvation.
About the Author
Dr. Sam Nadler, the series host and president of Word of Messiah ministries, provides a unique perspective: a Jewish Christian perspective. Nadler’s orthodox Jewish background and Christian beliefs bolsters the series’ authenticity and accuracy.
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Rose Publishing continues to live up to its title as Christian Retailing’s “2011 Supplier of the Year,” with this visually enticing and easy-to-understand DVD series, Feast of the Bible.
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