9 Ways To Transform Your Walk With God

Do you ever become frustrated, even disappointed, in yourself when once again another careless word slips out of your mouth? Do you find yourself thinking, “I can’t believe I said that?” or “Why can’t I just keep quiet?” You may have even bought books and Bible studies to help you “tame” your tongue, but haven’t found the time to read them. Click here to find out more now.
If you are a person with only a few minutes to spare, but a genuine desire to grow spiritually, then The Book of James is for you.
The Book of James is perfect for helping believers—

  1. Tame their tongue.
  2. Deal with temptation.
  3. Develop perseverance.
  4. Depend on their God-given spiritual gifts.
  5. Back up their faith with good works.
  6. Foster humility, not hypocrisy.
  7. Desire maturity and wisdom.
  8. Resist evil desires.
  9. Rely on prayer.

Diving deeper into these 9 areas changes the way you speak and act, drawing friends, loved ones, and even strangers closer to Christ through your behavior. But more importantly, applying these nine actions to your life will revolutionize your personal walk with God.
Grow your Christian walk not next week, not tomorrow, but today with The Book of James.
What Exactly is The Book of James?
The Book of James, a 14-panel pamphlet, features full-color charts, pictures, scripture references, definitions, and study questions. Unlike 200-page books, Rose Publishing’s pamphlet, The Book of James, enables you to review James’s letter in only minutes.
This pamphlet first exposes the “dangerous” ways Christians incorrectly react to trials, wisdom, wealth, perfection, and evil desires, and then reveals the correct biblical responses, as described in James, that lead to spiritual maturity.
Pre-Release Special! The Book of James Pamphlet 10-Packs are only $29.90, that $10 OFF the regular list price! Sale good now through Monday 7/25/11!

Purchase it now at no risk! If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can call within 30 days to return the items for a full refund.
Click here to find out more now. You can buy it as a printed pamphlet or download it now as a full-color PDF file that will work on your computer, iPad, iPhone, and many other e-reading devices.
FREE sample of the first two pages (the intro section) of the Book of James pamphlet, by clicking on the image below:

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