8 Signs of a Healthy Prayer Life


I would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach.”
— Charles Spurgeon

Have you ever experienced the discouragement of an unanswered prayer? Have you found yourself questioning God, wondering “Why didn’t he answer my prayer?” and “Why is he silent now when I need him the most?” As you sit there, you may realize that prayer sometimes seems like a one-sided event, even though we know God’s there.
No matter what you’re “feeling” as you pray, you can see the fruit of your prayer life in several simple ways. Is your prayer life exhibiting these 8 signs?

8 Signs of a Healthy Prayer Life

  1. Prays frequently and persistently
  2. Asks in faith
  3. Acknowledges God’s will
  4. Depends on the Holy Spirit
  5. Avoids selfish and hypocritical prayers
  6. Accepts when God says no
  7. Knows what to do when God seems silent
  8. Listens for God to answer

Even if you show most of the signs frequently or even all the time, most of us still face difficulties in our faith. How do you respond to God’s silence? Do you try to “figure” God out—the purpose behind it all—asking “Was it because I sinned?” “Is a better opportunity coming?” or “Have I lost God’s favor?” Answering these questions will most likely leave you disappointed and confused. After all, our Lord’s aren’t always known to us.
Instead of resorting to gimmicks stating to “pray this and receive,” it’s time to deepen your understanding of prayer itself with Rose Publishing’s What the Bible Says About Prayer pamphlet. Experience the peace that comes from diving into a deeper communication with God.
814What the Bible Says About Prayer Will Show You:

  • How to pray.
  • Four kinds of prayer (ACTS).
  • Three destable prayer forms.
  • How Jesus prayed.
  • Phrase-by-phrase analysis of the Lord’s Prayer (in chart form).
  • Denied prayers throughout the Bible.
  • What to do when God seems silent.
  • What to do when waiting for an answer.
  • Over 100 biblical examples of prayer.

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