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If you are a blogger with your own site or Facebook page — we’ll give you a new Rose Publishing product FREE, if you agree to read the product entirely, write a 200-word review (positive or negative), and post it.

Go to to view the eligible books, pamphlets, and video Bible studies.

If you agree to the terms below, please copy and paste the terms, along with your contact information, and send in an email to reviews [at] rosepublishing. net.

We’ll send you a free PDF copy of this pamphlet or book, or send you a link to the online video. Read the terms carefully. Then send us the link to where your review is posted and we will supply you with future new product releases for blog posts and reviews.

TERMS: Read the product and write a 200+ word review. The review can be positive or negative, it just needs to be based on the entire product. Post your review on your blog, your Facebook page, AND any consumer retail website (such as,,,,,, or All have a place on each book’s product page for customer reviews. To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, please mention near the bottom of each review that Rose Publishing has provided you with an advanced reader copy.



9 Thoughts on “Christian Bloggers – Blogging Guidelines

  1. I still can not download the free echart of Esther.Please help.

  2. Where are the free Bible Reading plans- wanted to share the link with my readers but cannot find it! Dawn @ Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

  3. Hi Peter,
    There are lots of great pamphlets that might be helpful for the subjects you are looking for.
    Here’s a link to our pamphlet, What the Bible Says About Money

  4. elsie grundling on November 26, 2012 at 4:48 am said:

    Is there a place where I can purchase. Your pamphlets and books. Are the different charts you advertised on facebook really free . Kind regards.
    Elsie Grundling.
    South Africa.

  5. sondra sharpe on November 19, 2012 at 6:53 am said:

    I AM TEACHING TO 6-7 YR OLDS. Religion classes advent wreaths are very exprnsive do you have a suggestion of how we could make one for each student to carry on this religious tradition.

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