Free Time Line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Did you know that the pyramids in Egypt were built before Abraham lived?
Or that indoor bathroom plumbing was invented about the time of Jacob?
Click to download your free eChart now! Did you know King David was ruling Israel when the Mayans dominated Central America? Or that Buddha and Confucius lived at the same as the biblical prophet Daniel? Click here to find out more now. 
Here are some other Bible history facts you might not have known —
  • Jonah lived about the time of the first recorded Olympic games, 776 BC
  • Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii during the Apostle John’s lifetime
  • Plutarch the Greek historian was born AD 46, the same year that followers of Christ were first called “Christians” in Antioch
  • The Huns invaded Europe in 360, the same year that books replaced scrolls
  • Cleopatra was the last queen of Egypt and lived 30 years before Jesus was born.

It’s easy to not fully grasp the span of time between all the key Bible events and the era they occurred when you are just reading the Bible. A visual tool like the Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines helps give a scope to both Bible and world events. This 20-foot timeline lays out 6,000 years of key events and facts from the Bible and Christian history alongside the key events and people from Middle Eastern and world history.

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“Wow— this is a wonderful tool for Bible study, and for studying history. I would say that this is especially good for home-schoolers and for those who really want to understand the context of the scripture and of Christian History. It’s time lines for world history are a huge benefit!”
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Download Islam & Christianity eChart
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