Rose Publishing Bible Charts for your iPad

If you purchase a downloadable product from Rose Publishing, you can view it on your iPad—right in the iBooks Bookcase! Yes, you can flip through the pages with a swipe of your fingertip. You can zoom in. You can bookmark important pages. You can even view the free Bible e-charts this way.
Here are the steps (See photos below):

  1. Update your iPad software. If you have updated since August 2010, you should be okay.
  2. Download your Rose product to your computer.
  3. E-mail the Rose product (as an attachment) to the e-mail address on your iPad. (This is something you need to set up if you haven’t already. Click here.)
  4. When you open your email on your iPad, tap the attachment.
  5. Several choices appear. Click “Open in iBooks”
  6. Launch your iBooks app. Go to your iBooks bookshelf. Tap the PDF tab. The bookshelf will flip around. Find your Rose product and tap the icon.

Your Rose product can be searched and bookmarked. It is full color with all of the images, charts, timelines, illustrations, and comparisons. Use your fingertips to zoom in for the details in maps and captions.

Turn on the iPad and launch your email app

Email the PDF to the email account on your iPad

Go to your email account and open your email. Tap the attachment. A list of choices pops up. Choose "Open in iBooks."

Launch the iBook app. Tap on Bookcase. Tap on PDFs. Select your downloaded product.

Now you can flip through the pages, add bookmarks, search, zoom in, and click links in your Rose product

Have fun. This is very cool.
Have you got tips for other iPad users?



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