Church History: 200 Key People and Events of the Reformation

How did the various denominations come about? What’s so important about Martin Luther, John Calvin, and King Henry VIII? What events in the 1400’s set the stage for the Reformation? This handy timeline summarizes the 200 key people and events of the Reformation — just in time for Reformation Sunday, October 31. Includes the 5 Solas of the Reformation, a family tree of denominations, and a comparison of Calvinism and Arminianism.
Available as a download to use on your computer or iPad. (How do I load it on my iPad?)

Wouldn’t you like to have a good working knowledge of the events of the Reformation? Imagine knowing the significance of John Wycliffe, Joan of Arc, and Tyndale, and having a good grasp of the early Bibles, including the Geneva Bible, the King James Version, and more.
For less than the cost of a couple scoops of frozen yogurt, you can have all the answers — at a glance.
What aspect of the Reformation connects with you the most?

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The Reformation eChart

This “The Reformation” eChart is a handy overview of the rise of Protestantism in the 1500s. Includes:

Gain deeper insights into the rise of Protestantism and the influence of people such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Elizabeth I, and John Wesley.

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