New for iPhone: Deluxe “Then and Now” Bible Maps

New! “Then and Now Bible Maps” for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android & SmartPhones from Olive Tree and Rose Publishing

Now you can get the best-selling Rose Publishing Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps on your iPhone, Blackberry, or other smart phone. These incredible maps show both a Bible map with modern-day “overlays” of today’s cities and countries.

You can enlarge them to see the detail. The red lines show today’s cities and country boundaries.

Click here to find out how to download a free sample.


Then and Now Bible Maps includes full-color Bible maps that show ancient cities and countries and their modern counterparts. Now you can see where Bible places are today. Try a free sample with one Then and Now map.

The bestselling Then and Now Bible Maps from Rose Publishing brings new relevance to Bible events. Easily compare Bible times with modern day times. Tell Bible stories and lead studies while presenting today’s geography.

On the iPhone and iPad you can enlarge the maps with ease!

Bible Maps – Then and Now is supported on the following platforms or devices:

BlackBerry (with card)
Symbian Series 60 v5

Prefer the physical Bible atlas with clear plastic overlays of modern-day cities and countries? Click here to see Deluxe Then and Now Bible Map Book.



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4 Thoughts on “New for iPhone: Deluxe “Then and Now” Bible Maps

  1. Hi Gretchen. Not sure there’s a universal color that will work. There are different types of color blindness. I suppose it isn’t possible to make the color user-changeable. On Olive Tree’s BibleReader, I have my “red letter” set to a blue, which is very distinct from black.

    It is nice that you underline names that are current (which provides another method of highlighting). I’m not sure if it would work to use a brighter red (which is more easily distinguished from black) and also perhaps a pattern for the lines (dotted, etc).


  2. I wish there was a way to change the “Today” color to something other than red. Red isn’t a good color for the red-green-brown colorblind.

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