Your Company’s Brand Recognition: How to Track It

I was always taught: “If you cannot track the exact results, your advertising investment is probably a waste of money.” I still believe that: Track-able advertising is far better than general advertising to create awareness for your brand.
But now I have respect for the “Brand Awareness” that comes through track-able advertising

Thanks to the Internet and website analytics (such as the free Google Analytics),  we can now track brand recognition.
Our Test Hypothesis: If my company increases its brand name recognition, my website link will be clicked on more in a list of search engine results. I should see more organic search engine traffic than before.
Here’s what we found: Our organic search clicks increased 60% at the same time we were doing some paid track-able email marketing. We know this brought in more revenue without us spending a dime.
How to set this up: When you go to Google Analytics, set up Advanced Segments to look for unpaid organic search engine traffic. See set up below. (In order to find the dimension “Medium” click on Traffic Sources and look near the bottom of the list.) Save it as “Organic.”
Now select your “Advanced Segment” Organic, unclick “All Visits,”and  select a date range that gives you at least 12 months of history. Then the patterns emerge.
We learned, it is unnecessary for small companies to spend money on “general advertising.” If a small company does targeted, track-able advertising, it is likely to end up getting brand recognition thrown in the bargain.
What about your experiences? How do you track brand awareness?

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