Advertising During a Recession

Don’t skimp on advertising during recessions. Even your competitor’s advertising keeps your product type a priority in the customer’s mind.
Two recent examples —

  1. A president of a large company was recently complaining about his competitor. It was not what you might have expected. He was complaining that the other company was NOT spending money on advertising due to financial hardship. This lack of marketing was causing apathy in the marketplace for the item they both manufacture. It was hurting his sales. He wanted advertising for his type of product—from any source.
  2. My company, Rose Publishing, has dramatically increased our advertising, but did so inexpensively by using email marketing while maintaining much of our print advertising. As a publisher, we are always wondering if our customers see our ads and buy from someone else. Here’s what we saw: Our direct-to-consumer advertising caused obvious and dramatic increases in our retailers’ sales. Apathy kills sales in all channels. Marketing raises sales.

So don’t stop now. If money is tight, switch to email marketing. It’s not too late to start a list and learn to tell the good news about your products.
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