Good Cover Letters are a Must

When applying for a job, your cover letter is the hidden key to getting someone to notice you. For the first few moments, it is more important than your resume. Why do I say that?
Companies get hundreds of job applications. They are busy and in a hurry to interview only a few top candidates. Their goal is to eliminate as many candidates as possible up front.
Here are items companies want to see in your cover letter.

  1. They want a cover letter that explains why you are a fit for their job (not just any job, but this particular job) and shows that you actually read the job description.
  2. They want a cover letter that shows that you can spell, punctuate, and use grammar correctly, especially if you are going to be in a position that interacts with the public.
  3. They want to know what attracted you to this job. Tell what you like about their company. Show that you have looked at their website and feel some affinity for their product or services.

Will it work?
Story 1:
A highly intelligent, reliable and responsible woman sent out resumes with no cover letters and received no invitations for interviews. Then she sent out the same resume with a cover letter and was interviewed and hired very quickly.
Story 2:
A woman who was qualified for a particular job did not have the required bachelor’s degree. Rather than ignoring that and submitting her resume anyway, she mentioned in her cover letter that she was only a few credits away from graduating. She got the interview and the job.
What’s your story?





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