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The Retailers Choice Awards honor the top Christian product picks of Christian retailers, as compiled by Christian Retailing magazine.

Voting by Christian retailers in the 2009 Retailers Choice Awards closed May 29. Winners were announced Monday, July 13, during the International Christian Retail Show in Denver.
Here is the link to the official site: Retailers Choice Awards.

2009 Winner in the Category of:
Rose Guide to the Tabernacle
by Brent William Ashby and Benjamin Galán, Rose Publishing
Inside Story
For a small publishing company with a dedicated staff, this is a great honor. This was the first year we entered a product and we are grateful to have won the category, especially as we are less than 1% the size of the largest publishers in our industry. The Rose Guide to the Tabernacle was also a finalist in the 2009 Christian Book Awards for the Bible Reference and Study category.
What makes the Rose Guide to the Tabernacle special?
This book is the best teaching tool on the Old Testament Tabernacle in the Wilderness of Sinai.

  • Each page is reproducible
  • Full color throughout
  • Charts of the pattern of worship, the sacrifices, the duties of the priests
  • Diagrams of the Tabernacle, the furnishings, and the ark
  • Maps of the Exodus and Wilderness Wandering
  • Illustrations and paintings of the courtyard, the high priest’s garments
  • Clear plastic overlays that allow you to “see inside” the Tabernacle by removing each layer of coverings
  • The veil and Mercy Seat
  • Biblical feasts and holidays
  • Christ in the Passover
  • For a complete Table of Contents, click HERE.

Authors: Brent William Ashby and Benjamin Galán, MA, Adjunct Professor at Fuller.
Editorial team: Lynnette Pennings, managing editor; Jessica Curiel, editor.
Production staff: Sergio Urquiza and Jeff Shaw.
When you order from the Rose website, enter discount code RET09C in the shopping cart for $7 off this book. Click here to place your order.
Product Reviews

By: Susan Clark,    – January 27, 2009

The book is very detailed and easy to use. I facilitate adult education classes and use this book to assist in teaching. I especially found the charts/diagrams extremely helpful in these classes. At times I have made copies for the students to use, and they were received with great response! The charts/diagrams are large and colorful and easy on the eyes, and jam-packed with wonderful information. The definition sidebars are also very useful. The overlays are irreplaceable for demonstration purposes. This book has numerous references contained all in one!! (i.e. encyclopedia, dictionary….). I have encouraged students to purchase this resource, as it will provide for many years of enjoyment! Bravo on a work well done!

By: Cathy Sonnicksen,    – January 29, 2009

Many thanks to Rose Publishing for printing the guide to the tabernacle. I have been using all the Rose booklets on the tabernacle, but this amazing book is the best thing going. It has richly blessed my adult Sunday school classes and United Methodist Women’s Bible Study. We have come to see much more clearly the ministry of Jesus Christ.

By: Liz Maude,    – January 28, 2009

I am teaching Sunday School to 4-6th grade students and determined that their knowledge of the Old Testament was greatly lacking. I decided to take them through a study on the Tabernacle and as I researched materials that I could use, I discovered Rose Publishing’s Rose Guide to the Tabernacle. I was hopeful that it would be helpful and ordered it. Upon receiving the book, I am very excited to have it as a resource for my class! The illustrations alone are very informative. I appreciate the text and the information given as well as the well-organized format. When I shared the book with my students as a preview of things to come, they were all excited. The layover sheets help to bring alive an understanding that goes beyond words. I would recommend this resource to anyone!



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