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Here is a free full-color e-Chart to download that compares the Muslim and Christian view of God and the prophets.
This is just a small portion of a larger chart that compares other topics such as: Views of Jesus, roles of women, Holy Scripture, salvation and paradise, practices and rituals, religion and culture, and more. Includes a section on do’s and don’t for Christians, to keep from accidentally offending Muslims in a social context.
Why Did We Write This? The Story Behind the Pamphlet
461XOur publishing company wanted to do a quick comparison chart of Islam and Christianity to allow people to see the differences at a glance. In 2004, about a month before it was to go to press, we sent it out for a last round of feedback, this time from Christians living with or working with Muslims in various parts of the world. They all agreed that the material was factual and accurate, but one man said, “I wish you’d add information on how to answers misunderstandings. You see, Muslims misunderstand Christian beliefs and Christians misunderstand Muslims.”
He suggested a few changes that would make our chart very different from any other comparison on the market. We added his material and published it. It was an instant hit.
Over the past five years, we’ve gotten a lot of calls and comments from both Christians and Muslims and have made the chart even better with clearer explanations of how to express the story of Jesus Christ in a way that makes sense to the Islamic mindset.

“This is an excellent pamphlet…one of the most thorough easy- reference pieces that exists. We avoid material that bashes Muslims, and we appreciate the spirit that you have in this chart.” — A woman who has lived around Muslims for 12 years

If you are interested in this product, it comes three ways:
Pamphlet, wall chart, or PowerPoint presentation. Click here to see the pamphlet. At the bottom of the page are links to the wall chart and PowerPoint.
Islam & Christianity pamphlet



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