Networking: Vital Connections for Executives

No one, no executive, is so intelligent that he/she can go it alone. There are thousands of people who are willing to share their experiences and recommendations with you. I attend the So. California Executive Roundtable run by George Schmutz, a former president of Xerox and now an executive recruiter. This group of 10 non-competing executives has a wealth of experience.
Strength in Numbers
Reasons to Join an Executive Roundtable:
1. They force you to look at your assumptions.
2. They ask uncomfortable questions.
3. Many of them have seen this type of situation before and can help you navigate it.
4. Many will pick up the phone and open doors for you.
5. Some will uncover information you cannot find.
6. They have recommendations for attorneys and CPAs who specialize in your situation.
7. They help you keep first things first.
8. They uncover hidden danger.
9. They care about you and your business and want you to succeed.
10. Mature executives are some of the finest people on the planet: good, decent, caring, and brilliant.
How has networking helped you?
How can you do more in the future?
Who wants to see you succeed? Who do you want to help?



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