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I’ve got a riddle for you…

What isn’t too complex, but will take a lifetime to figure out?


Do you know the answer?


I’ll tell you.

THE ANSWER IS: Being a disciple of Jesus.


Jesus said that all you have to do to be his disciple is to believe genuinely that he died to wash away your sins, have the Holy Spirit dwell within you, and be in heaven with him for eternity! Though the concept is easy, understanding who you are now that Christ has saved you is a process. You are a new creation, and however far along on the road to understanding that, there are hundreds of people around you who haven’t even taken the first step toward knowing Jesus.

That’s why we’re having a HUGE sale on three Rose Bible Basics books all on Jesus. We want to give you the opportunity to impact your ministry, your friends, and your family with the message of Jesus without breaking the bank. It’s hard to commit to purchasing a costly item for one person, but now you can buy 3 BOOKS for the regular price of one! These books are on sale for only $5 (reg. 14.99)! Save 77% on the following when you buy them THIS WEEK.

This Week’s Free eChart:

BONUS! We’re also giving you an eChart on practical Do’s and Don’ts with money. This eChart comes from a chapter in Being Jesus’ Disciple and provides Biblical principles on how Christians should view their money.

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$5 books (reg. $14.99) THIS WEEK ONLY. Get your 77% off savings now!

Being Jesus’ Disciple

This book is a full color book explaining the basics of Christian discipleship, including spiritual disciplines, which are prayer, worship, service, solitude, discernment, fasting, Bible reading, and evangelism. It also defines the words we use to describe our new identity in Christ like beloved, forgiven, accepted, redeemed, bought with a price, known by God, chosen, free. Knowing God’s will and standing firm when persecuted are included in this “Rose Bible Basic” along with 24 ways to explain the gospel. Plus: a summary of the four most commonly used evangelism explanations: “The Four Spiritual Laws,” “The Bridge to Life,” “Steps to Peace with God,” and the “Romans Road.”

Pamphlets that makeup this book:

  • Who I Am in Christ
  • Knowing God’s Will
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Why Truth Matters
  • What the Bible Says about Money
  • 24 Ways to Explain the Gospel
  • Strong in the Storm


How is Jesus different from all other religious leaders in the world? The full-color Rose Bible Basics Jesus book provides you with a solid introduction to the life of Jesus, his teachings, and the significance of his death and resurrection. Each chapter of this book will help you discover the life-changing impact of Jesus. The chapters in this “Rose Bible Basic” deal with the beatitudes, the gospels side-by-side, the facts and myths of who Jesus is, the Lord’s prayer, names of Jesus, and Christ in the Old Testament.

Pamphlets that makeup this book:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Jesus: Fact and Fiction
  • Gospels Side by Side
  • The Beatitudes
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Christ in the Old Testament
  • Christ on the Passover

Parables and Other Bible Studies

This book will help you see the love of God through some of your favorite Bible passages. Each chapter provides basic tools for interpreting and applying Scripture so you can learn how to walk in step with God’s plan for your life. Your small group or Sunday school class will enjoy studying these favorite biblical passages found in Rose Bible Basics: Parables and Other Bible Studies:

    • Parables of Jesus – insights into God’s Kingdom life
    • Life of Joseph – on the purpose of suffering
    • Psalm 23 – comfort during difficult times
    • Life of David – God’s power in the lives of flawed people
    • Esther – Answers the question, “Where is God when life is unfair?
    • 1 Corinthians 13 (Love Chapter: patience, kindness, perseverance, etc.)

Pamphlets that makeup this book:

      • Parables of Jesus
      • Life of Joseph
      • Esther
      • Proverbs
      • Life of David
      • 1 Corinthians 13
      • Psalm 23

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