Spiritual Gifts Self-Quiz

What’s your spiritual gift? Everyone who believes in Christ and follows him has been given spiritual gifts to help other believers and the church.

People often wonder: what gift do I have? Is there a way of evaluating whether I have a certain spiritual gift? And what are the spiritual gifts? What if I don’t feel that I’ve been given any spiritual gift or any sense of calling?

Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit has given you a gift to share with others, and to bring health and vitality to his Church. Here is a Spiritual Gifts evaluation.

Download this FREE Spiritual Gifts Self-Test to get started.

Spiritual Gifts Self-Test page 1

Spiritual Gifts Self-Quiz p2

Yes, this Gifts of the Spirit self-test is free and you don’t have to give any personal information to get it. Click on either of the images above to download your personal gifts inventory.



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